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Applications Open for Start-Up Chile Seed Program!

Applications Open for Start-Up Chile Seed Program!

Deadline: 20 June 2018

Applicants are invited to apply for Start-Up Chile Seed program.

Start-Up Chile (SUP) is a public startup accelerator created by the Chilean Government for high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups and use Chile as a foundation.


  • Startup training: They’ve got applicant covered. This 4 months program hosts workshops and training from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Equity free funding: $10.000.000 CLP (around $15,000 USD) funding to help applicant to get off the ground. This funding is equity free, meaning they don´t take a cut of the company.
  • 4 months experience: To turn their ideas into a viable business. Startups may validate their idea, build an MVP and get ready for the next level of investment. It is perfect to turn an idea into a reality.

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least one of the founders must be a women
  • All participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Founders with just an idea and the right team to execute it are suitable to apply as well as teams that have already built a basic version of a prototype.
  • They are seeking early stage projects to support which are still in their first 12 months.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit Start-Up Chile Seed.

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