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Applications Open for DLGSC’s Arts 15k-plus Grant Program – Australia

Applications Open for DLGSC’s Arts 15k-plus Grant Program – Australia

Deadline: 29-Sep-20

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is seeking applications for its Arts 15k-plus grant program to provide funding to artists, creative industry professionals and organisations to deliver a one-off project or a program of activity.

The program supports the development and growth of a vibrant sector that promotes the participation and active engagement of Western Australian communities in high quality arts and cultural experiences.

Funding Categories

Aboriginal Arts:
Promote or facilitate greater engagement of Aboriginal communities in the arts
Encourage the expression of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal culture, individuality, spirituality and empowerment through the arts
Encourage the involvement of Aboriginal arts expertise, skills, knowledge and resources
Support long term skills development goals for Aboriginal artists, arts workers and communities
Support Aboriginal cultural maintenance
Deliver artistic and social outcomes for Aboriginal communities through the arts
Commercial Development:
Support contemporary design, arts and creative businesses that are recognised as high quality to access new commercial markets, increase audience capacity and develop new networks
Raise the profile of contemporary design, arts and creative businesses through promotional and marketing activities
Support arts, cultural and creative businesses to strengthen and develop the economic and cultural growth of the WA creative industries
Support professional and skills development of contemporary designers, artists, arts and cultural workers at different points in the life cycle of their business to strengthen commercial viability
Develop commercial sustainability of creative businesses through support for increasing sales and business revenue.
Creative Development:
Support the development of high quality, diverse creative practices, including community arts practices
Increase professional and skills development of artists, arts workers, cultural workers
Support creative industry professionals at different points in the life cycle of their careers
Create and present high quality and diverse arts, cultural and creative experiences for the people of Western Australia
Reflect the State’s identity through telling Western Australian stories and developing creative content in Western Australia
Support international initiatives that promote both the artist and the State of Western Australia
Facilitate collaboration, experimentation, excellence and growth for the Western Australian arts and cultural sectors.
Sector Development:
Build the capacity of the State’s arts, creative and cultural sector
Contribute to the State’s creative economy through increased employment and development of professional artists, creatives and cultural workers
Support identified Government priorities for the art, creative and cultural sector
Increase the level of international engagements and touring of high quality Western Australian art, creative and cultural organisations and/or
Support the development of new business models for Western Australian art, creative and cultural organisations.
Funding Information

Eligible applicants can apply for funding between $15,000 and $60,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Individuals, groups and organisations are welcome to apply however:
individuals must have Australian citizenship or permanent resident status
groups including unincorporated bodies, partnerships and individuals informally collaborating on an activity must be based in Australia
organisations must either be registered under law (e.g. incorporated association, company limited by guarantee) or created by law (e.g. university, school or government statutory authority)
WA educational institutions (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities) cannot apply for curriculum-based arts activity.
If applicants are applying on behalf of Aboriginal people they must provide evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the conception, development of and participation in the activity
although WA residency is not a requirement to apply for a grant, if applicants are applying from outside WA they will need to show the benefits to WA artists, creatives, arts or cultural workers in their application.
Sector Development category is open to all eligible applicants. It is the only category open to Arts Organisation Investment Program funding recipients and Major Performing Arts organisations.
Ineligibility Criteria:

do not adhere to support material limits and format requirements
do not adhere to budget requirements including requesting more than 80% of your project cost
start the activity before the eligible start date
submit an application late
exceed application limit to the Arts U-15k and Arts 15k-plus programs (no more than 3 submissions per financial year);
have any key personnel with an overdue acquittal report
are a staff member of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (staff of portfolio organisations may apply subject to meeting the Code of Conduct and Secondary Employment Policy)
request funding that exceeds the funding cap of the program
exceed your $60,000 per financial year limit
apply for activity that is delivered as part of an educational institution’s curriculum or will be academically assessed
are a Portfolio Organisation of the DLGSC
are an Arts Organisation Investment Program or Major Performing Arts funded organisation applying for any category other than Sector Initiative.
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