Applications Open for CampCamp2018 Programme!

Applications Open for CampCamp2018 Programme!


Deadline: 10 September 2018

Prague Civil Society Center is inviting applications for CampCamp2018 Programme that is interactive, dynamic and flexible and the participants themselves largely shape its content.


  • Podcasts and internet radio: return of the audio formats.
  • Instacitizens: the activist potential of Generation Z.
  • Interactive communication and nonlinear storytelling.
  • Work with advocates of CRM for NGOs.
  • Hope against despair: how to help people believe in the possibility of change.
  • Cooperation between activists, creative specialists and business.
  • Public communication in “closed” countries.
  • Creative thinking and how to find unconventional solutions.
  • The art of ownership and how to include local communities.
  • Pensioners as a civil power.
  • Internet celebrities and how to work with them.
  • Olympic Games, World Cups and big events as opportunities for campaigns (or not)
  • Documentary film as an activist tool.
  • The power of live broadcasting: social media streaming.
  • Sales technologies for civil organizations.
  • “Ideological” media: should journalists remain activists?
  • Telegram-channels and public groups on social networks: what to expect from them?

Financial Support

  • Participation in CampCamp 2018 is free. There will also be a very limited number of travel grants available from the Prague Civil Society Centre and partner organizations.
  • They expect to receive around 800 applications for around 150 available places. Of these, only 50 participants will receive travel grants from us or our partners. The selection of participants who apply for travel grants will be held as a separate competition as the number of people applying per paid for place will be higher.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Civil activists and employees of the NGOs that actively experiment with new communication tools and new modes of engagement with local communities.
  • Specialists from media, marketing, PR and other related sectors who want to help activists to carry out their tasks.
  • Representatives of international organizations who want to achieve a deeper understanding of their region’s civil society, study best civil practices and find new partners.

How to Apply

  • Participation in CampCamp 2018 is free for civil activists.
  • They expect that more than 120 activists and communication professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as several special guests from other countries will participate in CampCamp 2018.
  • In case they receive a lot more applications than the limited number of spots, the participants will be selected through a competition. Criteria such as motivation, willingness to experiment actively and purposefully as well as to use the skills learned at the BarCamp in their work will be taken into account.
  • Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit CampCamp2018 Programme.

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