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Applications Open for 2020 ERASMUS+ Youth Partnership Funding Program (Round-III)

Applications Open for 2020 ERASMUS+ Youth Partnership Funding Program (Round-III)

Deadline: 29-Oct-20

The Erasmus+ UK National Agency is accepting applications for its 2020 ERASMUS+ Youth Partnership Funding Program (Round-III).

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Erasmus Plus is open to organizations across all sectors of education, training, youth, and sport. Any public, private, or not-for-profit organization actively involved in these areas may apply for funding.

The overall program objectives are to:

boost skills and employability;
modernize education, training and youth work;
focus on young people.
Funding Information

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The number of partners and funding will vary depending on the project’s aims and activities.
Strategic Partnerships can receive a maximum of 450,000 euro in funding for the maximum project duration of 36 months (12,500 euro per month).
Eligible Activities

Activities must contribute to overall project objectives, and create, develop, test, and embed innovative approaches in youth work, including:

new methods, tools or materials to build young people’s key competencies, basic skills or language, and IT skills;
new methods, tools or materials to build capacity and professionalize or modernize youth work, including through the use of ICT, virtual mobility or online learning, sharing of best practice, reform of youth work curricula, etc.;
new youth work approaches, including strategies to tackle social exclusion and early school leaving;
building links with other sectors, and combining formal and non-formal learning approaches, to tackle forms of social exclusion faced by the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people; and
strategic collaboration with local or regional authorities.
Informal groups of young people can also apply to undertake Transnational Youth Initiatives which bring together two or more groups of young people from different countries for initiatives fostering entrepreneurship and social commitment. Transnational youth initiatives may address the following:

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establishment of new networks of social enterprises, associations, clubs, NGOs;
development and delivery of courses and training on entrepreneurship education (in particular entrepreneurship for social benefit and the use of ICT);
activities that spread information, raise understanding and critical engagement with the media or other activities that encourage engagement with civic life;
projects that deliver activities for direct community benefit, e.g. for disabled people, elderly, minorities, migrants, etc; and
artistic and cultural initiatives, e.g. theatre plays, exhibitions, music performances, discussion fora, etc.
Eligibility Criteria

Any UK organization active in the youth field can participate in a Strategic Partnership for youth, either as the lead or as a partner.
One organization must lead the project and make the application for funding. UK organizations leading a project must apply to the UK National Agency on behalf of the partnership.
Informal groups of young people are also eligible to apply for funding for Transnational Youth Initiatives.
For more information, visit https://www.erasmusplus.org.uk/apply-for-youth-partnership-funding


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