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A Call for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Kosovar Media

A Call for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Kosovar Media

Deadline: 1 October 2019

The K2.0, Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL), and Kosovar Center for Gender Studies (KCGS) has announced a call for proposals on Media for Human Rights Program.

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The aim of the program it to contribute to stronger and more consistent work on the protection and promotion of human rights in Kosovar media and to improve the knowledge base and skills of media professionals.

The Component ultimately seeks to enhance a more structured and comprehensive cooperation between media organizations and non-profit human rights NGOs in Kosovo through merging the knowledge, experience and capacities of civil society organizations with that of media organizations.


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To a stronger and more consistent work for the protection and promotion of human rights in Kosovar media, as well as improving the knowledge base and skills of media professionals, Kosovo 2.0, KCGS, and CEL invite entities working on/around media, and non-governmental organizations working on human rights to join their forces, and apply for this call for proposals.

Grant Information and Duration

  • All proposals must present a budget of 25,000 Euros for their projects;
  • Should all the requirements be met by applicants, and should the applications be qualitative and realistically promising a successful, and impactful initiative, a total of ten (10) partnerships/proposals will be awarded the grant within this scheme.
  • All projects must be implemented within the period of nine to twelve months. Proposals that present projects shorter than (nine) 9 months, or longer than twelve (12) months will not be accepted nor considered for granting.
  • All projects must commence indicatively on the 15th of October, eventually on the 1st of November 2019 and must be finalized on the 31st of October 2020 the latest.

Eligibility Criteria

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  • Eligible applicants for this Call for Proposals are:
    • Lead applicant must be a media organization/entity registered not later than two years;
    • Partners must be non-profit organizations (NGOs, Foundations) operating for at least two years, with a clear status explicitly presenting their involvement and focus on human rights; (please see the application package requirements);
    • Non-profit media organizations registered and established in Kosovo and operating for at least two years; or private media businesses registered and operating in Kosovo and operating for at least two years, including, but not limited to: radio stations, TV stations, online media and printed publications.
    • Applicants with projects implemented in partnership with civil society organizations working in the field of human rights – newly established partnerships through these project proposals are allowed.
    • Applicants must sign and present within the application package a Memorandum of Understanding specifying the purpose and role in the partnership between the two entities. The involvement of partner organizations may include but is not limited to: support with research and expertise in the specific field, support providing contacts and network, assisting in developing internal capacities to approach human rights related issues, assisting in capacity building of the staff, and more;
    • Non-profit media organizations and private media businesses (websites, print and/or program credits) that are transparent with regards to the ownership and newsroom staff, and provide an Impressum that lists address and contact information of media, names of owners, and listing of editors, journalists and other professional staff working at the medium.
  • Eligible actions are, among others:
    • Journalistic production, including production of long form journalism with a focus on human rights, i.e. gender equality, LGBTIQ+ persons’ rights, persons with disabilities, non-majority communities’ rights, features, TV, and radio formats, multimedia production, and other innovative media formats)
    • Talks, events, and or campaigns organized to increase knowledge, and awareness around the importance of a human rights journalism; and seeking to encourage journalists at applying a stronger human rights perspective in their production;
    • Online campaigns on a national-scale that present a comprehensive plan and/or a series of actions aimed at promoting human rights;
    • Organizing trainings for editors and journalists on human rights-sensitive reporting, representation of groups at risk, minorities; gender equality; LGBTIQ+ persons’ rights, etc.
    • Production of creative advocacy journalism and media formats aiming at changing traditional norms that promote non-discrimination and advocate against inequality; and vocally condemn all forms of discrimination;
    • Developing internal ethical codes, guidelines and regulations that explicitly focus on a stronger human-rights editorial production;
    • Capacity building in investigative journalism; human rights based journalism;
  • Eligible costs:
    • All costs must be clearly indicated in the initial budget form, and must all occur during the implementation phase of the project’s activities;
      • cost of covering the staff members; including fees for experts, and individuals directly involved in the implementation of the activity;
      • travel and subsistence costs for those involved in the project, and for the purpose of implementing activities as foreseen in the application form;
      • purchase costs for equipment and supplies exclusively linked to the Activities proposed; provided that ownership is transferred at the end of the Activity;
      • costs of consumables, and supplies;
      • bank charges costs pertaining to the activities enlisted in the application form;
      • costs entailed by contracts awarded by the Beneficiary(ies) for the purposes of the Activity;
      • costs deriving directly from the requirements of the Contract (dissemination of information, evaluation specific to the Activity, accounting, audits, translation, reproduction, insurance, etc.)
  • Non-eligible actions/applicants:
    • Applicants with projects that do not establish formal partnerships with organizations working in the field of human rights;
    • Applicants registered, and operating for less than two years from the deadline for submission of these applications;
    • Actions linked to political parties’ and applicants affiliated with political parties;
    • Projects shorter than 9 months and longer than 12 months;
    • Actions that are mainly related to individual sponsorships for participation in workshops, seminars, conferences and congresses;
    • Actions pertaining to political parties’ and/or political campaigning;

How to Apply

All applications must be sent at the email address given on the website.

For more information, please visit https://kosovotwopointzero.com/en/call-for-proposals-media-for-human-rights-program/

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