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Youth for Climate Action Project in Nepal

Youth for Climate Action Project in Nepal

Deadline: 9-Oct-22

Through the ‘Youth for Climate Action (YCA)’ project, the British Council in Nepal intends to offer Nepalese youth an opportunity to engage in community level climate action (raising awareness, mitigation and adaptation) to develop their knowledge, skills, and networks to offer better, more impactful, and sustainable solutions to pressing social, economic, and environmental climate related issues through engagement of local communities.

The project will support to bridge the gap of involvement of young women and men in policy advocacy and climate action, by building their capacity as well as providing them platforms and networks. The project will provide skills and capability to young people, provide connections to young changemakers to enable them to take actions, and provide them voice and skills to deliver outcomes in their communities.

The project’s anticipated impact and outcomes are as follows:

Impact: To support young people in Nepal to become agents of positive change to combat climate change.
Outcome 1: Quality and scale of engagement by young women and men on climate change awareness, adaptation and mitigation enhanced.
Outcome 2: Young women and men develop capacity to participate in policy making, planning, and monitoring; and demonstrate learning, and innovation through climatefocused social actions.
The project will have three outputs

Output 1: Youth-led, evidence-based policy engagements delivered
Output 2: Leadership and capacity of young women and men to engage in climate issues enhanced
Output 3: Climate-focused social actions implemented
Funding Information
The maximum grant available for delivery partner is NRs. 3,300,000.
The partner is expected to include at least total of NRs. 500,000 as an allocation for the small sub-grants to programme participants.
Specific Activities for the delivery partner will include:
Identification of local trainees from target geographical region, mentors and facilitators Reviewing pilot community climate training content developed by the British Council Planning and administration of 5 days community climate training in two geographical locations (trainers and trainer fee to be managed by the British Council)
Supporting British Council in designing small scale climate social action project grant scheme
Administering award of small-scale climate social action project grant to selected trainees who have completed community climate training on individual or a group setting
Monitoring the small-scale social action grant
Supporting British Council in youth led policy advocacy and climate communication in federal level and target geographical regions
Report to the British Council with results and lessons from the pilot project.
All partners applying should have experience of working with a wide cross section of youth on community engagement initiatives and should have experience of designing and providing similar training experiences. It is essential that the delivery partner has a wide reach and access to networks that connect them with community-based organisations and local authorities that can support delivery.
Partners should also be able to identify the potentials of youth climate initiatives for further improvement and guide and mentor youth to create a bigger impact.
Target Geographic Focus:
Kathmandu (for any federal level activities). Any two of the following provinces – Madhesh, Gandaki, Karnali or Sudurpaschim for climate community training and climate social action
Target trainees: Total 50 youths in the age bracket of 18 – 35 years (25 from each province for 2 training programmes)
Eligibility Criteria
Participants (youth) should meet the profile outlined below

The youth to be selected for this project should have some experience in climate/environment action or have strong interest/case for future climate action.
Must be willing and committed to undertake the full training through the workshop.
Must have good communication skills.
Must be ready and committed to develop individual and group intervention focusing on climate action.
Must be open to engage wider community organisations, local authorities, and volunteers in their intervention.
Must be willing to explore potential new relationships, innovations, and new ways of thinking and understanding through learning, unlearning, and relearning.
Delivery Partners’ recruitment of participants should be inclusive and value the diversity of the communities in which they work, for example in relation to gender, faith, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, professional and personal interest groups, and disability and non-disability.
For Delivery Partners

Applicants must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for selection under this programme:
Be a registered Non-Governmental Organisation / Not-for-profit organization in Nepal, working in different provinces of Nepal
Have project implementation experience in the field of youth, youth leadership development, mobilizing youths on social issues like environment sustainability, and/or climate
The organization must have a valid registration certificate from the Government of Nepal, and have been registered for at least 2 years
Have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate or approved time extension letter from IRD for last fiscal year (FY 2077/78)
Have sufficient technical and financial capacity within the organisation to ensure transparent, responsible use of funds and project delivery.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3ri1FUy

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