World Peace Initiative Foundation Awards 2017 (Invitation to Peace Revolution Summit in Thailand)

Deadline: August 31, 2016

Nominations are now open for the World Peace Initiative Foundation Awards. The awards are an opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and recognise outstanding peacebuilders across the world for their excellence, innovation and brave risk-taking. The Foundation is now looking for nominations, evidence of outstanding commitment and performance from organizations and/or individuals, who currently work as peacebuilders, thus, helping this world become a better place.

If you think you are making a difference in your community and your efforts should be recognised then we are looking for you! It is the time to let your wonderful work to be acknowledged. You are invited to nominate yourself or other peacebuilders for World Peace Initiative Foundation Awards.

Award Categories

The categories of the Peace Awards include:

  • International Peace Builder Award: Are you an organization or individual, who believes that world peace is possible? Do you believe that inner-peace is important for sustainable world peace? Do you think that peace starts from within and the world peace could be achieved by attaining one’s inner peace?If your vision is similar to ours, if you believe that by making small efforts we can create a snowball effect of peace in our communities and countries, if you have already made steps towards achieving and sustaining peace, nominate yourself or others for the International Peace Builder Award.
  • Peace Agent Award: Are you a Peace Agent? Have you organized any events with World Peace Initiative Foundation to promote the idea of Peace In Peace Out? We are looking for active Peace Agents who promote world peace through inner peace and who have organized workshops or trainings in their countries. The Peace Agent Award for you!Tell them why you deserve it or nominate a fellow Peace Agent. The world is waiting to learn about your brave actions and to be inspired by you.
  • Peace Coach Award: Are you a Peace Coach with World Peace Initiative Foundation? Do you believe peace coaching is the most rewarding opportunity to share your light with others? Do you believe in walking the talk and willing to help others through your inner wisdom? Share your story and let them recognise your wonderful work of mentorship and coaching.
  • International Peace Blogger Award: Are you a cyber influencer? Do you believe that world peace is possible through promoting inner peace? Are you willing to inspire others while sharing the power of inner peace using online tools? Tell us why you are the one who should receive the International Peace Blogger Award, nominate yourself or other bloggers.

Award Benefits

The finalists in each category will be invited to join the Peace Revolution Summit in Thailand on 10th February 2017. Winners will receive the following:

  • Accommodation and meals for winners during Peace Revolution Summit.
  • Registration fee of 500USD waived for all winners.
  • The Award presented during the Award Ceremony

Please Note: The Award doesn’t cover International airfare.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

  • The nominee for the Awards should demonstrate his/her impact on people, the wider community and how her/his work practice provided these outcomes.
  • The main selection criteria under each category is provided at the nomination page.

However, the following  general criteria will be applicable to all categories:

  • Impact on people’s lives –  evidence of how the nominee’s work has made positive impact on the lives of people.
  • Impact of the nominee’s work skills – evidence to show that it was their use of work skills that made the difference in the work.
  • Potential scaling–  the potential of scaling of the nominee’s work in other communities, countries etc…
  • Challenges in delivery –  did the nominee have to overcome any challenges in delivering their work  (funding, bureaucracy, public opposition for the project, etc.)

Nomination Process

You will receive an acknowledgment email of receiving your nomination within three days of submission. The shortlisted entries will be contacted before 10th November 2016, to provide further details, if needed.

Finalists will be asked to supply a video and photographs of their work to be used during the presentation of their awards. The voting process for shortlisted entries will open from 1st Oct -20th Oct, 2016. The official Awards ceremony will be held on 10th February 2017 during the Peace Revolution Summit in ThailandFor more information, visit The World Peace Initiative Foundation Awards.