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Women’s Gift Alliance announces Pooled Fund Grant Program (US)

Women’s Gift Alliance announces Pooled Fund Grant Program (US)

Deadline: 10-Nov-20

The Women’s Gift Alliance (WGA) has announced the Pooled Fund Grant Program. The WGA’s mission is to pool the talents and resources of women in Kootenai County to provide meaningful financial support to a broad range of charitable, cultural and educational projects within the community.

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Pooled Fund Grants are awarded through a three-stage collaborative selection process and final membership vote. All submittals are reviewed carefully by the WGA Grant Committee verifying information submitted, weighing against WGA grant criteria, and subjectively evaluating community need and the likelihood of project outcomes.

The Women’s Gift Alliance guiding principle is to make a significant impact in the community through philanthropy. To achieve the goal, Women’s Gift Alliance members are asked to vote for Pooled Fund Grant Projects that demonstrate one or more of the following:

Enrich the fabric of the community;
Foster collaboration or partnership;
Address a community problem;
Create a bold new venture.
Funding Information

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In 2020, WGA awarded three $25,000 Grants along with 5 Finalist Awards of $5,000 each.
Eligibility Criteria

Services provided by the Organization must benefit residents of Kootenai County.
Only organizations that qualify as 501(c) 3 entities under the IRS code or other organizations that meet charitable guidelines established by the Idaho Community Foundation and the IRS are considered for funding.
Organizations that have previously received a WGA Pooled Fund Grant Award may receive only one pooled fund grant within a three-year period.
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