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Women’s Fund in Georgia: 2018 Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Protection

Women’s Fund in Georgia: 2018 Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Protection

Deadline: 27 December 2018

Women’s Fund in Georgia has announced a grant competition for “Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Protection ” whose financial support is funded by Open Society Institute .

Grant Program is intended to support initiatives , which are focused on women’s empowerment , their knowledge and skills to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights issues , the issues of existing policies , practices , beliefs and attitudes are changing , as well as , the sexual rights of women uplebadam the Strengthening and protecting network network work .

Women’s Fund welcomes social oriented initiatives in the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Grant Information

  • The maximum grant amount is 8000 US dollars.
  • Duration of the projects should not exceed 1 to 4 months.

Priority Directions

The priority directions of the grant competition are:

  • Strengthening women and girls, promoting networking with their direct participation and leadership
  • Increase access to women and girls Reproductive health services / awareness raising / knowledge / dissemination
  • Advocacy / lobbying ( budget advocacy including ), advocacy campaigns to conduct a variety of interested parties ( parents , guardians , sexual partners , social workers , police officers and others) involvement
  • Research on women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • To increase the sensitivity of decision-makers on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. Decision-making of the service providers and networking software
  • Public / community the monitoring of relevant and accountability of the system to strengthen the ( budget monitoring including)

Thematic Areas

The thematic trends of the competition include, but not limited to:

  • Access to comprehensive sexual education;
  • Stigma-free access to information and services on contraception with the ( emergency contraception including);
  • Availability of stigma free information and services regarding abortion;
  • STI – a prevention and treatment;
  • Prevention and further reaction of sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Detecting, documenting and responding to cases of sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls, and discrimination;
  • Women’s groups in the reproductive / sexual rights , which are a form of discrimination based on experience;


The grant competition “Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Protection of Rights” can participate:

  • Women’s local registered NGOs;
  • organizations , working on women’s issues and led by women;
  • Women’s organizations , of which the Fund’s budget, the budget is small;
  • Women’s organizations from the capital and the regions of Georgia , as well as regional or international organizations that are based in Georgia and operated in Georgia;
  • Women’s Fund will give priority to the initiative of the organizations operating in the region;

How to Apply

Project proposals can be submitted in person or send it by mail, e-mail or by fax at the addresses given on the website.

For more information, please visit https://www.womenfundgeorgia.org/ka/WhatWeDo/Grantmaking/3448

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