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Wageningen UR CDI Course: Lost Harvest and Wasted Food

Wageningen UR CDI Course: Lost Harvest and Wasted Food (23 September – 4 October 2019)

Deadline: 19 March 2019

The Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) is seeking applications for its course on “Lost Harvest and Wasted Food”. The course starts from 23 September 2019 until 4 October 2019 in the Netherlands.


During the course they will critically analyse the crop supply chain, and design sustainable alternatives with special attention to harvest practices, storage, spoilage and food waste management. The role and responsibilities of the various stakeholders will be addressed.

The training approach is interactive: they will use a mixture of lectures, discussions, group work and field trips with the aim to expose participants, as far as possible, to all aspects of post-harvest and waste management.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will:

  • understand the link between primary production, post-harvest management, the supply chain and food security;
  • be familiar with alternative uses of food waste;
  • have insight into the public and private responsibilities in the supply chain for post-harvest handling and food waste management;
  • be able to design solutions for minimising the amount of ‘missing food’, from smallholders to multinational retailers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The basic prerequisite for participation in the course is active interest and professional experience in this field.
  • Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification.

How to Apply

Applications can be accessed online through the website. Applicants must first have to create an account on the website and register themselves for the course.

For more information, please visit Lost harvest and wasted food.

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