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Voice’s Breaking down Silos: Kenya Innovate and Learn Grants Program

Voice’s Breaking down Silos: Kenya Innovate and Learn Grants Program

Deadline: 1 October 2018

Voice has announced a call for proposals for its “Breaking down Silos: Kenya Innovate and Learn Grants” which is designed to help Voice in Kenya and its potential grantees to test as well as learn from innovation.

There exist many new, interesting and effective methods for supporting the Voice target groups in participating in their own governance and improving access to resources and services. Voice in Kenya hopes to capture and stimulate learning of these methods so as to develop an evidence-base for future programming.

Target Groups

  • Project ideas that focus on at least one, but preferably more of the five marginalised and discriminated groups within Voice:
    • People with disabilities
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender, intersex (LGBTI) people
    • Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence
    • Age discriminated vulnerable groups notably the young and elderly
    • Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities.
  • These groups are:
    • most affected by poverty or making least progress towards development outcomes;
    • most affected by social, economic, spatial and political exclusion;
    • currently ignored or not sufficiently reached by development actors;
    • at risk of repression or violence for speaking out for their rights.

Impact Themes

Projects funded by Voice will need to address one or more of the impact themes:

  • improving access to (productive) resources (finance, land and water) and employment
  • improving access to social services, health and education in particular
  • fostering space for political participation

Funding Information

Funding for the Innovate & Learn Grant is for a minimum duration of 12- 24 months and for a grant of €5,000 to €200,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant/lead-applicant (where application is by a consortium) registered as a local entity in Kenya with a bank account in its own name.
  • The applicant/co-applicant(s) (where application is by a consortium) recognise the core values of Voice being the equal rights for every human being regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation, social class and age.

How to Apply

Please take the eligibility test available on the given website.

Eligible Country: Kenya

For more information, please visit Kenya Innovate and Learn Grants.

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