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Visual Arts Work Grants Program (Switzerland)

Visual Arts Work Grants Program (Switzerland)

Deadline: 1-Sep-22

Pro Helvetia has launched the Work Grants Program under Visual Arts to support the creation of new works in the visual arts, photography or architecture.

Pro Helvetia promotes the professional contemporary Swiss visual arts with a view to ensuring their diversity as well as their national and international reach. It supports the creation of new artistic works, the dissemination of Swiss art and culture outside Switzerland, international cultural exchange and exchange between Switzerland’s various linguistic regions.

Pro Helvetia supplements the promotional activities of Swiss cantons and municipalities and supports only projects that are cross-regionally or internationally recognised.

In the visual arts, Pro Helvetia supports fine arts, photography and architecture.

Funding Information
To be eligible for funding, applicants must provide a track record of independent, proven and cross-regionally recognised professional practice as well as have completed professional training.

Contributions towards research: Research funding offers artists, photographers and architects the opportunity to pursue in-depth research and implementation processes. Artists may apply for grants of up to max. CHF 5,000. All the steps of a creative process potentially arising in connection with a new project (in-depth research, materials acquisition, material studies and other measures to facilitate the production of a work of art) are considered for funding.
Contributions towards production: Contributions towards production support the creation of a new work. Artists may apply for grants up to max. CHF 25,000. Support is given to projects that are characterised by high artistic originality and quality, feasibility and the importance of the work in the applicant’s artistic development.
Contribution towards production including presentation: Contributions in this area support the production of a new work as part of its first public presentation. Artists may apply for contributions up to max. CHF 25,000. Supported projects are characterised by their high artistic originality and quality, the importance of the work in the applicant’s artistic development and a convincing strategy for ensuring the public presentation of the work.
Eligibility Criteria
The work should contribute to advance the applicant’s artistic practice.
Projects in the fields of comics and graphic novels are supported through Pro Helvetia’s Literature division.
To be eligible for support, projects must:
have a clear connection to Switzerland
be of nationwide importance
be adequately co-funded by other public or private sponsors (including publishers/event organisers)
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