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USAID’s Justice Matters Activity Grants Competition – Kosovo

USAID’s Justice Matters Activity Grants Competition – Kosovo

Deadline: 26-Oct-20

The USAID’s Justice Matters activity is seeking applications from qualified local Non-Governmental Organizations – NGO for projects that will focus on strengthening informed demand to improve legal literacy and empower citizens, especially vulnerable individuals and groups, by providing actionable legal information, leveraging existing information platforms, and activating a network of CSOs, grassroots organizations, and young people to deliver information.

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Under its Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Kosovo has identified “Improved Rule of Law and Governance that Meet Citizen’s Needs” as its first Development Objective. USAID’s Justice Matters Activity, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) began in June 2018 and aims to improve access to justice for all, inclusive of disadvantaged and marginalized groups, by strengthening systems and services for legal aid and legal information.


Strengthen the Capacity of Kosovo’s Legal Aid System;
Enhance the Quality and Responsiveness of Legal Aid Services;
Strengthen Legal Literacy and Citizen Empowerment.
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A total fund of up to $40,000 is available under this grant program to fund projects of a value not to exceed $20,000 for any individual project.
Medium-scale grants are expected to range from $ 15,000 up to $ 20,000; Small-scale grants are expected to range from $ 1,000 up to $ 6,000.
Proposed projects should last no less than three (3) months and no more than five (5) months.
Thematic Areas

Youth-led literacy initiatives targeting vulnerable communities:
School based education activities for future “educators”,
Local street actions and town halls facilitated by clinics students and high school students,
Traveling students of Justice Matters legal clinics for legal information, advice, assistance with complaint drafting, etc.
Informing data-driven Access to Justice:
Data on understanding and measuring the accessibility of the legal aid system by vulnerable and marginalized communities,
Data on how different communities are navigating the legal aid system (i.e. the use of technology in navigating the legal aid system),
Data on the responsiveness of the legal profession, and pro bono services.
Services Provided to the Grantees

Provision of Grants;
Training and Technical Assistance.
Eligibility Criteria

Justice Matters activity will issue grants to organizations that are legally registered and recognized under the laws of Kosovo and not prohibited from receiving USG funding.
Applicants are required to register for a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.
To be eligible for funding, an organization must:
Have a valid registration to operate in Kosovo.
Have an established track record of successful work in areas related to the goals of the Program.
Refrain from activities that violate applicable U.S. laws, directly or indirectly.
In selecting Program for grants funding, the Program will pay particular attention to the following criteria:
The organization has the capacity to receive and administer funding.
The organization has the capacity to operate without the grant.
The organization has a track record of successful work in implementing advocacy, monitoring, and/or public education activities.
The proposed program is unique, creative, likely to yield impact, and sustainable.
The proposed program does not duplicate programs previously or currently implemented in Kosovo.
Activities that partner local organizations with government agencies or offices (including FLAA, Legal Aid Council, etc.) in a public-private partnership are strongly encouraged.
Joint activities (consortium) of different civil society organizations and partnership with law firms are looked upon favorable.
To be eligible, an applicant must:
Show proof of a valid registration under the Kosovo Law on Freedom of Association in Non-Governmental Organizations,
Show proof of a valid bank account at a bank in Kosovo,
Demonstrate it is in good standing with Tax Administration of Kosovo, and
Provide DUNS Number (if applicants do not have one, Justice Matters can assist to obtain one).
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