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US: NCI offering grants to Research Projects under this Funding Opportunity

US: NCI offering grants to Research Projects under this Funding Opportunity

Deadline: 5-Sep-22

The National Institutes of Health is seeking applications to encourage research projects in three distinct domains related to cancer communication:

utility and application of new cancer communication surveillance approaches,
development and testing of larger-scale interventions using innovative methods and designs, and
development and testing of multilevel cancer communication models emphasizing bidirectional influence between levels.
Funding Information
Award Budget – Budgets are limited to $500,000 direct costs per year.
Award Project Period – The maximum project period is 5 years.
Applicants should apply communication science approaches to the investigation of behavioral targets and health outcomes related to cancer prevention and control. These approaches may include, but are not limited to:

Effectively communicating evidence-based cancer information;
Addressing and curbing the spread of cancer-related misinformation;
Fostering trust in credible sources of information;
Improving health literacy;
Affecting positive behavior change relevant to cancer prevention and control (e.g., tobacco use, diet, physical activity, cancer screening, alcohol consumption, sun protection);
Enabling patient-centered cancer care and effective navigation of the health care system;
Offering informational, social, and psychological support in cancer care as well as in decision-making about cancer screening and treatment;
Maximizing quality of life for survivors and their caregivers (including the utilization of palliative care).
Eligibility Criteria
Higher Education Institutions
Public/State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education
Private Institutions of Higher Education
The following types of Higher Education Institutions are always encouraged to apply for NIH support as Public or Private Institutions of Higher Education:
Hispanic-serving Institutions
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCUs)
Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions
Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs)
Nonprofits Other Than Institutions of Higher Education
Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) IRS Status (Other than Institutions of Higher Education)
Nonprofits without 501(c)(3) IRS Status (Other than Institutions of Higher Education)
For-Profit Organizations
Small Businesses
For-Profit Organizations (Other than Small Businesses)
Local Governments
State Governments
County Governments
City or Township Governments
Special District Governments
Indian/Native American Tribal Governments (Federally Recognized)
Indian/Native American Tribal Governments (Other than Federally Recognized)
Federal Governments
Eligible Agencies of the Federal Government
U.S. Territory or Possession
Independent School Districts
Public Housing Authorities/Indian Housing Authorities
Native American Tribal Organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments)
Faith-based or Community-based Organizations
Regional Organizations
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