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Upper Harbour Quick Response Grant in New Zealand

Upper Harbour Quick Response Grant in New Zealand

Deadline: 6-May-22

The Auckland Council is accepting applications for the Upper Harbour Quick Response Grant.

Types of projects funded by the grant
Sports and recreation
Funding priorities
They welcome grant applications that align and contribute to these priorities:

community participation and wellbeing
sport and recreation
the environment
Funding Information
Amount: $0 – $5000

Types of grants
The Community Grants Policy has three main grant types:

local grant programmes – each local board has now adopted a grants programme
regional grant programmes
multi-board grants: applicants can apply to three or more local boards for the same project. Applicants will need to apply to the local board with the earliest closing date.
Their grants programme will support the following outcomes:

Empowered, connected and resilient Upper Harbour communities e.g. community workshops, events and projects that help build connections and resilience across diverse communities including youth, newcomers, and seniors.
Healthy and active communities e.g. Community Sports and Recreation including club and informal sport and recreation activities, events, facilities and equipment.
Their unique natural environment is valued, protected and enhanced e.g. ecological restoration, projects that include indigenous or culturally valued biodiversity.
A resilient local economy e.g. initiatives that eliminate waste and encourage reuse of resources, initiatives that grow local employment opportunities, projects that help enhance business resilience and youth entrepreneurship.
Eligibility Criteria
community organisations with a formal legal structure
groups or individuals with no formal legal structure can apply for up to $1,000 (Kaipatiki Local Board will not fund individuals)
applicants seeking funding over $1,000 will need to nominate an umbrella organisation or
receive funding retrospectively.
They will not fund:

initiatives must not be a core service provided by central government (e.g. primary healthcare or education.
initiatives that have taken place before the board has the opportunity to consider the application (unless the board accepts there are genuine mitigating circumstances)
activities of debt repayment and promoting particular political goals are ineligible for funding
applicants must not have outstanding accountability obligations from previous council grants
applications for the same projects more than once in a financial year (excluding feasibility studies and concept planning)
activities that do not relate to one or more of the local board plan outcomes.
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