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UNV recruits 01 Multimedia Communications Specialist

UNV recruits 01 Multimedia Communications Specialist

Description de l’offre

Mission and objectives
United Nations Information Centres is an organization which was established in the year 1946. Its headquarters is situated at New York, USA, and it currently works worldwide in 63 countries. These centres are managed by the United Nations to exchange & provide current happenings to the world.

The United Nations Information Centre in Dakar (UNIC Dakar) was founded in 1964, after the independence of Senegal.
UNIC Dakar is part of the United Nations Department of Global Communication. The directors of UNICs are appointed by the UN Secretary General. UNIC Dakar provides communications services and strategic support to the United Nations system in 5 French-speaking Sub-Saharan countries, plus Cabo Verde (Portuguese) and Gambia (English). Among other services, UNIC Dakar:
Provides updated information on the mandate and actions of the United Nations
Produces multimedia communications materials (videos, radio programs, pod-casts, social media posts, text features, photographs, etc.) in French, English and national African languages, and disseminates them over different platforms (websites, social media, radios, and televisions), both locally and at the global level
Cooperates with the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel and the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel
Participates in the communication activities of the UN System agencies in Senegal, through the local Communication Group
Provides strategic communications support to all United Nations agencies, funds, and programmes by organizing press conferences and exclusive interviews, launching publications and reports, organizing public events, etc
Attends and provides service to national and international media
Develops direct interaction with the public using internet-based platforms (websites, social media, etc.)
Offers students and researchers updated information on the history, structure and on the UN activities in the region and in the world
Collaborates with the Public Sector and the Private Sector in the organization of activities on topics of interest to the UN
Cooperates with civil society in matters of information, promote education about the United Nations and participation of young people in public affairs

Task description
Within the framework of the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Director and the National Information Officer of UNIC Dakar or their designated rep-resentative, the UN Volunteer will carry out several tasks. She/he will:

• Produce and edit multimedia materials of institutional communications with professional journalistic quality; keep track of all production material; produce scripts, etc.; select and catalogue sound bites and visual material for inclusion in UN productions and obtain necessary authorizations and copyrights. Con-tribute to the UN digital strategy in French-speaking Africa to maximize commu-nication with audiences at all points of contact
• Identify compelling, human-centred stories that reinforce the values promoted by the United Nations and/or its work, carry out interviews, make video record-ings and take photographs to produce of audio-visual materials based on the storytelling technique.
• Assist in the creation, management, and growth of the presence of UNIC Dakar on social media, and UN websites.
• Cover events of interest related to the work of the UN System in Senegal and in the region, and produce related material such as video, texts, and pictures
• Translate (from English into French and French into English) of various in-formative materials
Manage, maintain and support UNIC Dakar’s websites in such a way that it be-comes a viable tool to communicate with the various audiences
• Identify, research, and analyse data on specific United Nations topics following instructions of by the UNIC Dakar Director and/or NIO.
• Create and keep updated a database of media organizations and journalists in Senegal and in the region.
• Assist in the management of requests from the media and in the creation of re-lationships with journalists.

Gather information from various research sources
• Assist in the writing of communication products, such as press releases, news-letters and help in the development of web pages
• Assist in the organization of press conferences, seminars, interviews, public events, outreach activities, etc.
• Follow-up and media monitoring of United Nations-related issues in region
• Help create and execute communications campaigns in Senegal and in the re-gion, and measure their impact
Perform other tasks as assigned

Eligibility criteria
27 – 80

Candidate must be a national of a country other than the country of assignment.

Required experience
• 3 years of experience in producing and editing multimedia material (videos, audios, podcasts, etc.).
• Experience in writing, editing, and proofreading journalistic notes, texts, analysis, websites and / or social media accounts, blog entries, articles, press releases and other substantive materials is highly desirable. • Experience as a social media manager is highly desirable
• Professional experience in the United Nations or other international organizations and large NGOs is desirable. • Experience in public information (and / or public relations and / or strategic communication) is desirable
• Advanced knowledge in the use of the Adobe Suite (Premiere, PhotoShop, InDe-sign, etc.), or equivalent softwares, is required
• Ability to film, edit the recorded ele-ments and take photos with professional cameras is required.
• Solid computer skills, including advanced management of various Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, etc.) as well as email / internet. Familiarity with database management desirable.

Area(s) of expertise
• Communication, Information technology, Community development

Driving license

• English, Level: Fluent, Required
• French, Level: Fluent, Desirable

Required education level
• Bachelor degree or equivalent in Communication, Journalism, Strategic Communication, or related areas

Competencies and values
Professionalism: understanding of UN operations
• Integrity
• Teamwork and respect for diversity
• Commitment to continuous learning:
• Flexibility
• Genuine commitment to the principles of volunteering, which include solidarity, compassion, reciprocity and autonomy; and commitment to the mission and the vision of UNIC Dakar, as well as the
• Excellent interpersonal skills; cultural and social sensitivity; ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders; ability to work and adapt profes-sionally and effectively in a challenging environment; ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of national and international staff.
• Self-initiative motivation, ability to work with minimal supervision; ability to work with tight deadlines. Accuracy and professionalism in the production and editing of doc-uments.
• Previous experience of working in developing countries is highly desirable.
• Awareness regarding security issues, affinity or interest in Agenda 2030, Human Rights, Climate Change, Migration, Development and Communication, the volunteer-ing as a mechanism for sustainable development and the United Nations System.
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