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University of Oslo International Summer School 2016, Norway (Scholarships Available to attend)

University of Oslo International Summer School 2016, Norway (Scholarships Available to attend)


Scholarship applicants: February 1 2016

Self-financed applicants: March 15 2016

After March 15, a supplementary round of admission for self-financed applicants may be considered, space permitting.

The International Summer School (ISS) is a learning community of diverse students who come together to study, interact and increase understanding and good will between nations. This requires friendliness, frankness and tolerance among all involved.Every summer, from late June to early August, ISS welcome over 550 students from about 90 countries.

The International Summer School is an academic center for learning in an international context, and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures.

•A forum for developing and conveying knowledge in an international context
• Promotes understanding and good will among people from around the world
• Brings together over 550 students from around 90 countries to live and study together
• Was awarded the Prize for Best Learning Environment by the University of Oslo in 2009
• Since 1947, 28,000 alumni from around the world
An Academic Experience
The ISS offers courses focusing on Norwegian language and various aspects of Norwegian culture and society, as well as a wide range of graduate courses.
• Norwegian language courses:
• Intensive Norwegian, levels I – IV
• Nynorsk

BACHELOR’S COURSES, taught in English:

• Scandinavian Film Genres
• Norwegian literature
• Norwegian Architecture and Design
• Norwegian History
• The Norwegian Welfare State
• Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries
• Scandinavian Government and Politics
• International Politics

MASTER’S COURSES, taught in English:

• Human Rights
• Peace Research
•  A Changing Arctic
• International Development Studies
• Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
•  Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

• International Community Health

A Cultural Experience
The ISS offers a rich variety of cultural and social activities and events, including:
• Norwegian Cultural Evening
• International Cultural Evening
• Afternoon lectures on Norwegian life & Society
• Norwegian films
• Debates on current issues
• Sports
• Guided tours to sites in Oslo
Financial Aid
A limited number of scholarships are offered. The number of scholarship applicants always exceeds the number of available grants. Competition for scholarships is consequently very tough.
  • With over 3000 scholarship applicants, competition for scholarships is high and funds are limited, and only approximately 50 full scholarships and approximately 100 partial scholarships are granted each summer.
On-campus students have full room and board in a dormitory adjacent to the university of Oslo’s Blindern campus. Off-campus students make their own housing arrangements.


How to Apply:


  • See if you are qualified to apply to the International Summer School. Admission requirements are different for Master’s and Bachelor’s courses.Finance
  • Before applying, review the ISS program fees and scholarship information. The deadline for scholarship applicants is February 1 (confirmed), and the deadline for self-financing applicants is March 15 (tentative).

Choose your course(s)

Self-financed applicants

Read the course descriptions and select the course(s) you want to apply for. If you are applying for more than one course, make sure the courses can be combined by checking our course schedule. Note: Master’s courses can only be combined with Afternoon seminars..

Scholarship applicants

Scholarship applicants may only apply for ONE course. Read the course descriptions and select the course you want to apply for.

Gather documents

What kind of documentation you need to submit depends on whether or not you are applying for a scholarship.

See documentation requirements for:

Apply Now for the 2016 University of Oslo International Summer School

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the University of Oslo International Summer School

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