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United Nations Invitation at Geneva Forum

United Nations Invitation at Geneva Forum

The World is Small ! Please forward this invitation through all your networks ; Somebody you don’t know but connected by only 2 persons with you, is also concerned by this invitation !

Dear all,

I have the great pleasure to share to you the Program and Calls for Contribution of the GENEVA FORUM that will be done at United Nations, Geneva, next December, about these 5 key factor topics :

Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Sustainable Development Goals and Peace


Annual International Conference on Inclusive Education and Project Based Learning for Sustainable Development Goals and Peace


Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Sustainable Development Goals and Peace


Annual International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Smart Travel for Sustainable Development Goals and Peace


Annual International Conference on CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Responsible Investment for Sustainable Development Goals and Peace


The interest of numerous of my relations for this annual meeting, bring me to invite all of you to meet back together during these days dedicated to changing the world :
Look the pdf « Program of the week » on the page http://www.osi-genevaforum.org/Registration.html

Are already subscribed people of 5 networks coming from Germany, UK, USA, Tunisia, Togo, Spain, Iceland, China, Bolivia, Mexico, Brasilia, Guinea, Congo RDC, Morocco, France, Switzerland…

Please forward this information to your network with a customized introduction from yourself.
By persuading friends and partners in the United Nations to come, you enhance the potential for projects to succeed.

See you soon on the field,

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