UNHCR recruits 01 Senior External Relations Assistant (Individual Contractor)

UNHCR recruits 01 Senior External Relations Assistant (Individual Contractor)

The study conducted by Purpose in 2017 revealed the critical need for UNHCR to reach to the “anxious middle” in France, who are deeply pessimistic about the current economic situation and see the flow of refugees as a threat to their well-being. While further reinforcing this trend, the COVID-19 pandemic also confirmed the critical necessity for UNHCR to partner with local institutions and NGOs to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the refugees and asylum seekers as well as to protect their rights. The adoption of the GCR has opened new angles to advocate for more engagement and to establish new coordination mechanisms and collaborative approaches. UNHCR France relies on these to seek opportunities to develop partnerships in the areas of local integration, legal pathways, public information and external relations – which are essential to foster a favorable protection environment and combat xenophobia.

Over the course of 2021, the office will continue to work towards enhancing recourse to multi-functional teams within the office, and proactively cooperating with external civil and institutional partners. It will also continue the development of its external relations activities with government, civil society, academics and the private sector.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment (concise and detailed description of activities, tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken, including expected travel if applicable):

The individual contractor will support UNHCR France’s efforts to develop strategic partnerships, including :

1/ Support the development and strengthen strategic partnership with DIAIR and multiple actors involved in reception and integration of refugees :

  • Assist in maintaining and further expanding the partnership with the Interministerial Delegation in charge of reception and integration of refugees including the UNHCR / Diair coordination platform with 80 NGO partners on integration of refugees in France ; the Academy for the participation of refugees; the Lab’R (DIAIR) and other innovative projects;
  • Assist in developing the partnership with Tent Foundation for regugees, private sector partners including the ESSEC business school to support initiatives linked to sensitization, social cohesion and access to employment for refugees.

2/ Establish contacts and develop partnerships with local organisations to promote general interest and understanding of refugee issues :

  • Support the development of partnerships with local authorities (i.a. city of Paris and its Maison des Réfugiés) and sport entities (Paris 2024, ORF) ;
  • Support the organization of visit programs of Representatives and UNHCR official advocacy visits to Paris ;
  • Develop and maintain ties with students from different associations/ cursus interested in working with refugees all around France, including the development of the pilote project of speech contest (“concours d’éloquence”)

3/ Assist in External relations unit day-to-day work:

  • Keep track of evolving issues concerning persons of concern to be able to suggest new initiatives;
  • Draft briefing notes and presentations for conferences / public events; ;
  • Draft reports, briefings, updates, etc;
  • Perform other duties as required.

Expériences / Formation


  • Completion of the Secondary Education with Master’s degree in Political or Social Sciences, International Relations or any other relevant field
  • Completion of post-secondary training in Law could be an asset
  • Level C2 in French and C1 English (CEFR Refers)

Work Experience:

  • 2 years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 1 year relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher in the areas of External Relations/Communication/International Relations
  • Experience in UNHCR
  • Experience in National Administration could be an asset
  • Experience in Human Rights organisation in France could be an asset
  • International Experience could be an asset

Key competencies:

Cross-Functional Competencies:

  • Political Awareness
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Change Capability and Adaptability

Desirable qualifications and competencies :

  • Completion of UNHCR Learning Programmes or specific training relevant to functions of position


Period of contract: 2.5 months Starting 15/10/2021

Remuneration: EUR 3440/Month.

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Applications are through UNHCR’s careers portal. Click on “vacancies” and enter “29662” in the search bar.

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