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UNDP: Strengthening the Protection of National Minorities in Georgia

UNDP: Strengthening the Protection of National Minorities in Georgia

Deadline: 11-Oct-21
UNDP is pleased to announce call for proposals for Strengthening the protection of national minorities in Georgia.

In scope of the EU-UNDP joint project “Human Rights for All – Phase 2” UNDP, inter alia, continues to capacitate NGOs/community organizations to promote protection of rights of minorities, including national minorities and persons in vulnerable situations. To achieve expected outcome, UNDP intends to issue grant with the main focus on elimination of discrimination towards minority groups and persons in vulnerable situations at local level.

For this purpose, the UNDP is announcing a call for proposals for the NGOs/community organizations working on the issues of national minorities in the regions of Georgia. In particular, the grant aims to increase national minorities’ knowledge on their rights and available redress mechanisms and support them in raising their complaints, while at the same time to increase society’s awareness towards the national minorities.


To address challenges and achieve the objective of this call, proposals submitted by the applicants shall focus on combination of the following priority areas for grant implementation:

Knowledge building on human rights issues for the representatives of national minorities;
Provision of legal support to national minorities;
Awareness campaigns for addressing stigma and discrimination of national minorities;
Awareness raising activities for national minorities on health services.

The primary objective of the call is to promote culture of non-discrimination of national minorities in Georgia through contribution towards the strengthening their protection and raising awareness for combating stigma and discrimination.

Funding Information

Applicants may submit the proposals for up to USD 10,000 (excluding cost-sharing, if any). The justified and realistic budgets shall be provided.
The implementation period for approved grant shall not exceed six (6) months, counted from the date of the agreement signature to the date when all relevant activities have been successfully completed.
Eligibility Criteria

NGOs and CSOs operating in the regions of Georgia outside Tbilisi, are invited to apply for this Call for Proposals, except of religious and political organizations. Entities should be registered in accordance with the requirements of Georgian legislation and must be able to provide organization’s statute. CSOs and NGOs must provide evidence that they have sufficient capacity to execute the proposed application and operating experience of minimum 2 years.

For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=82087

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