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UNDP: Measuring Public Perception on Free Legal Aid in Armenia

UNDP: Measuring Public Perception on Free Legal Aid in Armenia

Deadline: 30-Sep-22

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) requests you to submit your Proposal for conducting “Measuring Public Perception on Free Legal Aid in Armenia in 2 pilot marzes”.

“Support to Armenia’s Justice and Rule of Law Reforms: Phase 2” Project aims to further support institutional strengthening to uphold the rule of law and promote justice and legal reforms in line with the international principles and standards in the field.

The Project created a ground for UNDP to support the Government in implementation of a broad and long – term reform agenda in the three main areas:

Integrity, independence and efficiency of the judiciary,
Access to justice and improved service orientation of the judiciary,
Effective and sustainable anticorruption ecosystem in the country.
The main objectives of the survey are:
Measuring awareness about applying for free legal aid and knowledge of the relevant legal regulations, as well as the perception of the identified target groups on the free legal aid mechanisms;
Determining the advantages of the existing free legal aid mechanisms;
Revealing the problems in access to justice and applying to free legal aid, as well as the process of receiving free legal aid and its effectiveness by showing the direct causal link between the problem revealed and the specific regulation or practice in place;
Showing the life impact of the drawbacks of the free legal aid mechanisms;
Making recommendations based on the conducted analysis in order to make improvements in law and practices of free legal aid mechanisms.
To this aim, UNDP CO wishes to contract a Service Provider to design and carry out survey, which will provide comprehensive and up-to-date information in order to reveal the public perception of free legal aid mechanisms, the current issues faced by the population in applying for free legal aid and the reasons behind the existing problems, as well as will provide data for further improvement and provision of tailored awareness campaign. Two regions shall be selected for the survey, based on the consultations with UNDP and the Chamber of Advocates.

Scope of Work
The overall responsibilities of the Service Provider should include the following tasks:
Implementation of task planning, ensuring ethical and other clearances;
In consultations with UNDP, Public Defender’s Office and the Chamber of Advocates identify the two regions for implementation of survey (study) from the following regions of the Republic of Armenia: Syunik, Tavush, Gegharqunik and Lori, preferably giving priority to the border regions;
Development of the sample frame for the survey and advise on sizable number of respondents, which in any case should be not less than 1000 respondents;
Proposing detailed methodology based on the needs and expected outcomes of the survey;
Development, adaptation, and translation, of survey tools and protocols;
Recruitment and training of the staff to work on the task;
Piloting, including revision and testing of all design elements before the full implementation of the task;
Data collection;
Data management and cleaning;
Preparing implementation report;
Data analysis;
Preparing of progress and final reports on the results and recommendations based on suitable analysis.
Offerors should provide a budget for the proposal and a detailed description of the proposed human resources and their source. Experience in the Armenian context is highly preferred; for those survey organizations not based in Armenia, description of how local engagement will be conducted is required.
Specific Criteria
Should an international Offeror associate with a local organization, the UNDP team reserves the right to interact directly with the local organization (and vice-versa).

Qualification Requirements of the Service Provider Company:
The company and the team implementing the action will be required to comply with standard UN rules and regulations and meet the following criteria:
Proven experience in performing studies, surveys and analyses of similar scale and nature,
At least 5 years professional experience in conducting surveys via stakeholders interviews, face to face interviews, case study collection, focus group discussions, and at least 5 years professional experience in analyzing complex data, preparing reports and data visualization,
Proven experience in conducting trainings, mentoring and supervision,
Proven experience of working with diverse group of stakeholders, working experience with international organizations and state institutions is an asset.
The Company must have professional experienced staff with the following capacities and qualifications:
Good understanding of research ethics and the national system for approval of research projects;
Knowledge about adaptation of survey instruments, including proper testing,
Be experienced in using tablets/smartphones or other digital instruments in data collection, including having an established system for technical support;
Predispose a pool of experienced enumerators that can do the data collection on relatively short notice, including an established practice for handling non-performers;
Be able to handle logistical challenges concerning organisation, transport and communication during data collection;
Have the capacity to handle data management;
Fluent knowledge of Armenian. The Project manager should have good command of English.
Key Personnel Qualification Requirements
Project Manager/ Analyst (for the full duration of the project) with at least 5 years of working experience in planning and implementation of large-scale surveys, studies and analysis, as well as in training of interviewers, organization and supervision of fieldwork and data quality control. The list of conducted surveys and publications (analytical reports, studies, etc.) for the last 5 years is required. Experience of conducting surveys in the legal field is an asset.
Data manager (for up to 180 days) experienced in creation of statistical databases and data management – at least two created/managed databases of large-scale surveys should be mentioned for the period of 2017-2022.
Statistician (for up to 70 days) with at least 5 years of experience in sampling and statistics analysis.
Sociologist or psychologist or a professional with a similar relevant background (for up to 135 days) experienced in reviewing survey questionnaires, conduct of focus-group discussions and qualitative data processing/analysis.
Lawyer (for up to 50 days) with at least 3 years of professional experience in the field of conducting legal research.
CAPI technician (up to 143 days) with at least 5 years professional experience.
Logistician (for up to 150 days) with at least 3 years of experience in managing logistics for conducting large-scale surveys.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=95762

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