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UNDP Innovation Challenge: Joint Research in Blue Economy or Marine Plastic Debris Areas

UNDP Innovation Challenge: Joint Research in Blue Economy or Marine Plastic Debris Areas

Deadline: 21-Sep-20

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is seeking applications for its Innovation Challenges for Joint Research in Blue Economy or Marine Plastic Debris Areas that focuses on the research and collaboration between two AIS countries. The proposed Joint Research Project must be conducted by at least two stakeholders from different AIS participating countries.

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The prize for this Joint Research Programme aims to promote applied research that creates practical solutions to development and environment related challenges affecting AIS countries. Accordingly, the Joint Research Programme will target projects that fulfill the following criteria:

Tangible research plan with a proposed innovative approach.
Explanation of clear competitive advantages with added value.
Complete budget plan specifying how project funding will be used.
Assembled interdisciplinary research team, with prioritization given to those with linkages to the private sector (end-users).
Objectives of Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to assist AIS Forum Secretariat to find the smart and innovative solutions or that will strengthen the cooperation between the archipelagic and island states in the blue economy or marine plastic debris areas, including:
Fostering competitive research and development initiatives between AIS Forum participating countries through cooperative working relationships to create new or further develop existing market-oriented technologies, products or services.
Promoting and implementing smart and innovative solutions through the development of a collaborative research and innovation platform for stakeholders in AIS Forum participating countries.
Identifying and integrating relevant activities and expertise of AIS Forum participating countries into a framework of international cooperation—with an emphasis on the four main AIS Forum thematic areas.
Establishing academic networks between AIS Forum participating countries through stakeholders such as: universities, think tanks, civil society organizations, and other relevant institutions.
Promoting applied research in sustainable development by linking research findings to needs in the private sector.
Funding Information

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The winner will get prize money of USD 30,000 to be used for research purpose in 12 months research period.
The winner will also get chance present their research findings in front of head of head of states in the AIS Forum High-level Meeting 2021. And if the research findings are applicate to the AIS country, the winner possibly could apply their research findings in AIS countries.
Expected Outputs

The key outputs under this assignment are:

A Joint Research project proposal that offers the solution in blue economy or marine plastic debris areas.
Report on at least 50% of the Joint Research progress according to the approved timeline.
Final report and output of the joint research project.
Eligibility Criteria

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Team qualification:
Research team that consists of at least 2 stakeholders from at least 2 AIS participating countries.
Proposal qualification:
The proposed research project needs to demonstrate it is of high scientific value and aligns with one or more of the four main AIS Forum thematic areas. It should also aim to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of local peoples and to preserve coastal and marine ecosystems. Furthermore, the applicants should explain why their research project would benefit from having the cooperation of multiple parties as well as how the proposed research activities will be implemented cooperatively.
Language Requirement:
Proficiency in English language, spoken and written. The team must have the ability to write reports and make presentations in English.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=70057

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