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UNDP- India: Livelihood Enhancement of the Local Communities by Strengthening Handloom

UNDP- India: Livelihood Enhancement of the Local Communities by Strengthening Handloom

Deadline: 17-Oct-22

UNDP-India request to submit your proposal for Livelihood enhancement of the local communities by strengthening Handloom & Handicraft value chain and promoting conservation of natural resources of the Govind landscape of District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.

Objective of the Assignment is to develop a sustainable value chain of selected handloom and handicraft products produced in Govind landscape of Uttarakhand under SECURE Himalaya project to enhance the incomes of local artisans.

The project aims to support the Government of India to effectively promote sustainable land and forest management in alpine pastures and forests in high range Indian Himalayan ecosystems that secure sustainable livelihoods and community resilience and ensures conservation of globally significant biodiversity and threatened species. It will engineer a paradigm shift from the current approach of conservation to demonstrate a new approach of landscape-based conservation. This is an integrated approach, which focuses on working with various sectors and partners in areas within and outside protected areas, to effectively reduce threats to biodiversity of local, national, and global significance.

Expected Outputs
Household level baseline information is established with mapping of artisans.
Market research for the H&H products, gap assessment in current value chain is completed.
The need of infrastructure for souvenir shop, detail training program with timeline, resource person and place of training has been completed.
10 capacity building training programs organized on design diversification/institution development/ market linkages/ value chain management covering 150 participants (50% women).
The brand name and logo developed and launched with cataloging of the products along with pricing and photography.
One collective institution (Cooperative/Cluster federation/ OFPO/SHGs etc.) has been formed and functioning.
150 artisans have taken membership in registered artisan collective.
At least three MoUs of bulk selling have been established between collective and outside market players to ensure regular income to the community.
20 new generation artisans are engaged in H&H business.
A souvenir shop established at sankari market for income generation in convergence/direct project funds.
8 sign boards for the promotion of H&H of the area has been installed along the main road of Sankari & Mori.
The artisans benefiting from the intervention of the project will contribute towards conservation of the natural resources.
Qualifications of the Service Provider
The Service Provider must describe and explain how and why they are the best entity that can deliver the requirements of UNDP by indicating the following:

Profile – Describing the nature of business, field of expertise, licenses, certifications, accreditations;
Business Licenses – Registration Papers, Tax Payment Certification, etc.
Track Record – list of clients for similar services as those required by UNDP, indicating description of contract scope, contract duration, contract value, contact references;
Certificates and Accreditation – including Quality Certificates, Patent Registrations, Environmental Sustainability Certificates, etc.
Written Self-Declaration that the company is not in the UN Security Council 1267/1989 List, UN Procurement Division List or Other UN Ineligibility List.
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_negotiation.cfm?nego_id=344

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