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UNDP CFPs: Supporting an Inclusive Response to COVID-19 in Kyrgyz Republic

UNDP CFPs: Supporting an Inclusive Response to COVID-19 in Kyrgyz Republic

Deadline: 12-Oct-20

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invites Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in the Kyrgyz Republic to submit proposals for the implementation of activities related to the project titled “Supporting an Inclusive and Multi-Sectoral Response to COVID-19 and Addressing its Socio-Economic Impact in the Kyrgyz Republic” project funded by the Government of Japan.

Seed Grants
UNDP’s COVID-19 response strategy in Kyrgyzstan has been designed to support the government to deliver relief, social protection and early recovery support to effectively respond and mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 through multi-sectoral assistance. UNDP focuses on social impact and economic response and recovery.

The project will provide support to establish and facilitate access to financial resources and advisory support, as one of the most important conditions for restarting business operations of MSMEs affected by COVID-19 and increasing revenue generation.

Activity Areas

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This component of the Programme is one of the key approaches and foresees the following activity areas:

Providing financial support through low-value grants to MSMEs to effectively relaunch and restart businesses.
Business advisory to MSMEs to effectively relaunch and restart businesses along with financial support.
Result Areas

UNDP plans to work implementing the following Results Areas:

Health sector;
Social Inclusion;
Funding Information

A grant totalling USD 200,000 will be allocated to two selected NGOs (up to USD 100,000 to each) to provide business advisory, financial and investment support to micro-, small- or medium enterprises (MSME), with the special focus on women-led MSMEs, in all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic through:

Refining a methodology for administering the BASF with target groups building on previous successful UNDP projects and approaches.
Provision of low-value grants to MSMEs with special focus on women-led MSMEs, according to criteria developed for the BASF.
Provision of business advisory support required for quick restart and or continuation of business operations of MSME, with the special focus on women-led MSMEs, to ensure effective use of financial support and sustainability of their business model.
Monitoring the results/impact of financial and advisory support with a special focus on decent jobs, livelihoods and sales.
Eligibility Criteria

The legal status of civil society organization/NGO according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Proven institutional capacity for business advisory and financing management, comprising a framework/system for undertaking business proposal evaluation, due diligence and appropriate governance, and risk management.
The capacity of key personnel in working with target MSMEs — including past experience in technical assistance and developing other organizations’ capacity including providing financing and business advisory for MSMEs social service delivery, managing grants/investments, etc.
Capacity to assess and manage risk, including safeguarding people and the environment from harm – availability of relevant policies/methodologies.
The comprehensive methodology of organization of evaluation of business project proposals for grants, including reaching potential recipients through solutions for remote access considering restrictions on meetings, mass gatherings and travel because of an emergency situation on COVID-19.
The methodology of granting for operations recovery and business advisory for target MSMEs including templates for assessment eligibility of potential grants recipients and selection process.
Programmatic capacity, including competency for monitoring and evaluation.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3dwHk6o

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