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UNDP: Call for proposals at the site of a Civil Society Organization (CSO) supporting Women’s Committees – Madagascar

UNDP: Call for proposals at the site of a Civil Society Organization (CSO) supporting Women’s Committees – Madagascar

Deadline: 17-Sep-20

UNDP has announced a Call for proposals at the site of a Civil Society Organization (CSO) supporting Women’s Committees, the pilot program to support the return of households in Androy and the pilot program for diversification of livelihoods.

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The project “Responding to threats to peace and social cohesion linked to unchecked migration through support for the empowerment and promotion of women in Madagascar (REAP Project)” is financed by the Fund for Consolidation of Peace and implemented by UNDP and IOM in the regions of Menabe and Androy. The UNDP is responsible for the implementation of the project in the Androy Region.

The REAP project aims to significantly reduce tensions and social conflicts arising from non-mastered migration of years the Androy as starting area and in the area as Menabe arrival of migrants and a threat to peace and cohesion social. Specifically, the project aims to enhance the potential role of women in reducing factors me NACES the existing peace.

Funding Information

View and receiving grant information
The overall budget made available under this call for proposals is USD 285,000, of which USD 110,000 will be reserved for community initiatives to support peace and social cohesion for the Tsihombe district,
USD 135,000 will be reserved for implementation of the return pilot program and USD 40,000 will be reserved for the implementation of the livelihood diversification and income generation pilot.
Eligibility Criteria

The submitting organization must ensure that it meets the following criteria:

Administrative criteria (eliminatory)

Deadline Free Grants
A summary presentation (profile) of the NGO:

To benefit from this grant, the civil society organization (CSO) applying must be an association, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or a grouping structure of Malagasy non-profit organizations, legally constituted.
To be present and to have a good anchorage in Androy including Tsihombe during at least the last two years.
Have at least five years of experience in setting up and structuring organizations.
Have a good understanding of the local context.
Have the human and technical resources for the implementation of the mission.
Technical criteria

Clarity in the organization and structure with an experienced team a team leader with expertise in organizational support, as well as experienced technical, administrative and financial teams.
District coverage with evidence of activities carried out in the last two years
Experience of working with the United Nations and / or any other type of organization working for development in organizational support
Actions taken to strengthen the role of women and young people will be considered a strong point
Certificate of aptitude and technical skills
For more information, visit https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=69593

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