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UN Women seeking Proposals to support Persons living with Disabilities and Achieving Disability Inclusion in COVID-19 Programming (Papua New Guinea)

UN Women seeking Proposals to support Persons living with Disabilities and Achieving Disability Inclusion in COVID-19 Programming (Papua New Guinea)

Deadline: 12-Aug-20

UN Women solicits applications for small grants from CSOs legally established and operating in Papua New Guinea working to support persons living with disabilities and achieves disability inclusion in their COVID19 programming.

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UN Women in Papua New Guinea, under its COVID-19 Protection program, recognizes that persons with disabilities in PNG will face multiple disadvantages due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes an increased risk of contracting COVID19 due to barriers accessing preventive information and hygiene, reliance on physical contact with the environment or support persons, transport barriers to services, and supplies due to the State of Emergency Procedures. Realizing these vulnerabilities, we need to ensure that persons with disabilities are protected and respond effectively to a COVID-19 outbreak through disability inclusion practices, and funding for those organizations who facilitate support for PWDs.

Funding Information

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The Grant will be USD $30 000, disbursed in two installments.
Small grants are intended for small contributions to Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in the range of USD 2,500 to USD 30,000 exclusively to finance a limited range of activities to support the development or strengthening of a CSO’s institutional capacity.
The activities include:

Introduction or improvement of organizational systems, tools and processes, training of workforce in technical and managerial skills, and support with adequate equipment.
The purpose of small grants is not to finance the delivery of a programmatic activity or an output on behalf of UN Women since such activities may be financed through Partner arrangements.
Who can apply?

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The applicant must be a Civil Society Organization (CSO) legally established and operating in Papua New Guinea The applicant may apply if it:

is a registered CSO in operation for at least three years;
is not on the Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions
is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or other wrongdoing;
has not had funding received from UN Women entirely or partly written off by UN Women;
is not currently engaged as an Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP) for UN Women;
has not been engaged as an IP/RP for UN Women at any time after 21 November 2019;
is not a government entity;
is not a UN organization;
is not an established CSO with the capacity to be engaged as an IP/RP;
has sufficient capacity to collaborate with various stakeholders;
has sufficient financial stewardship, including having adequate financial policies and procedures in place to manage the small grant; and,
past performance has been deemed satisfactory by UN Women (if it has received small grants previously or been engaged as an IP/RP before 21 November 2019).
Eligibility Activities

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The applicant may apply for a small grant to cover the following activities:

introducing and improving organizational systems, tools, and processes to support persons with disabilities
training of the workforce in technical and managerial skills to which increase disability inclusion in COVID19 programming; and,
supporting with equipment such as copiers, scanners, printers, laptops, and computers as long as the cost of such equipment is limited to 30% of the proposed small grant budget or USD5,000, whichever is lower, in order to respond to disability inclusion within the COVID-19 context.
The purpose of small grants is not to finance the delivery of program activity.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3gxBG4x

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