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UN Women in Timor-Leste: Inviting Organisations to prevent Violence against Women and Girls

UN Women in Timor-Leste: Inviting Organisations to prevent Violence against Women and Girls

Deadline: 9-Nov-20

The UN Women is inviting a registered non-government organization (or joint application from several organizations) working on projects to prevent violence against women and girls in Fiji.

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UN Women plans to engage NGOs and provide support to knowledge-building on primary prevention and developing a national VAWG prevention strategy for behaviour and social norms change which covers holistic programming across the ecological model.

This project will contribute to: Spotlight Initiative Outcome 3.1: National and/or sub-national evidence-based programmes are developed to promote gender-equitable norms, attitudes and behaviours, including on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in line with international standards, for in and out of school settings.

And more specifically implement: Spotlight Initiative Activity 3.1.1: Knowledge building on promising approaches to prevent VAWG for government, CSO and Development Partner stakeholders working on VAWG, to agree on comprehensive national behaviour change strategies that work across the ecological model.

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The Spotlight Initiative will contribute to the elimination of domestic violence, including intimate partner violence (DV/IPV), by responding to the needs of women and girls and addressing the underlying causes of violence against women and girls, using a multi-sectoral and intersectional approach across the ecological model.

This will involve strengthening and widening partnerships and solidarity across civil society, government, media, private sector and development partners. Based on the approved design of the Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste, programming will be focused in Ermera, Bobonaro and Viqueque Municipalities.

The programme is aligned to the TimorLeste “National Action Plan on Gender-based violence (2017-2021) and National SDG Roadmap, particularly on SDGs 5 and 16. It will contribute to the National Strategic Development Plan and reinforce Timor-Leste’s Development Plan and reinforce Timor-Leste’s implementation of commitments under the Beijing Platform for Action, the Concluding Observations of the CEDAW Committee, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, among other international obligations.

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Develop a methodology and format to assess current and future prevention approaches in Timor-Leste, informed by global frameworks and best practice.
Consolidate information on existing prevention and behaviour change strategies in Timor-Leste in an accessible format (e.g. using visuals or video, including online) for prevention actors in Timor-Leste in terms of style, language and presentation.
Support existing organizations with mandates around prevention (SEII and Alola Foundation in regards to NAP GBV, among others) to organize discussions on experiences in VAWG prevention and behaviour change and identify areas for further work.
Adapt from existing materials to format and share key best practices and tools across prevention actors in Timor-Leste and to inform the development of the NAP-GBV for 2021 and beyond.
Coordinate and collaborate with key prevention actors.
Provide inputs to the development of an evidence-based approach to Prevention within the next National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence (NAP GBV) (to be designed in 2021).
Collaborate with other actors in development of prevention related materials such as videos, posters, social media messages.
Funding Information

The budget for this proposal should be no more than USD 165,000.

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Technical/functional competencies:
Organizational experience and credibility on programming for ending violence against women and girls, gender and development, particularly from a rights-based approach
Proven commitment to delivery of results in a professional manner (able to provide records of successful projects)
Proven experience in implementation of evidence-based approaches
Proven experience in participatory approaches particularly in Timor-Leste
Experience in VAWG prevention approaches
Experience in developing documentation for various audiences
Experience of working with international organizations and other UN agencies desirable
Has internal programmatic, administrative and financial processes in place to ensure delivery of quality, cost-effective and timely programme results
Has grassroots networks/outreach in relevant communities
Has adequate numbers of professional staff with adequate qualifications and experience
Governance and management structures:
Officially registered in Timor-Leste (in a consortium or joint proposal one organization must have this status)
Has a Board of Directors/ managing committee or an appropriate governance structure which are politically impartial, and review key decisions affecting strategy, partnerships, programmes, finance and procurement
Has no conflict of interest between staff in the organization and UN Women.
Has an anti-fraud and corruption policy and consistently implements the policy
Has in place policies and procedures regarding data privacy and data protection
Has gender considerations reflected by proportion of women in management and Board of Directors
Has the capacity to follow the UN Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, including reporting requirements to UN Women
Financial and administrative structures:
Has and follows written and transparent financial and administrative rules and regulations
Has a clear system for procurement and subcontracting with appropriate checks and balances
Has clear documented procedures and internal controls governing the payment cycle (requisition, approval, disbursement versus cash, vouchers etc.)
Has segregation of duties in receipt and management of funds. Payments require two or more signatures
Is subjected to regular external audits (separate from donor mandated programme specific audits)
Previous unqualified audits available for the past 3 years
Has a sustainable financial position
Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services:
Experience managing programmes funded by the European Union
Joint applications or consortium involving organizations representing diverse stakeholders are strongly encouraged (noting that submission should be made by one organization as the overall lead or coordinating entity)
Qualifications of key personnel:
Staff with a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in project/programme development and implementation with strong technical expertise in preventing violence against women and social norms change
University level training in international development, education, gender studies, Social Work or other related area
Demonstrated experience in supporting, adapting and piloting evidence-based programming focussed on changing social norms
Commitment to engage in monitoring, evaluation and research related to prevention of VAWG
Knowledge on gender equality, the empowerment of women and violence against women
Experience working with UN Women or UN agencies is a distinct advantage
Members responsible for liaising with UN Women should be functional in English
For more information, visit https://www.unwomen.org/en/about-us/programme-implementation/2020/10/call-for-proposals-cfp-tls-2020-011

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