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UN Women Call for Proposals: Integrated and Sustained Economic Empowerment Initiatives for Women and Female Youth in Ethiopia

UN Women Call for Proposals: Integrated and Sustained Economic Empowerment Initiatives for Women and Female Youth in Ethiopia

Deadline: 29 May 2020

UN Women Ethiopia is looking for an Implementing Partner (IP) – Local Civil Society Organization (CSO) – who will be responsible for identifying, documenting and producing revised training materials/manuals on WEE with focus on Basic Business Skill.

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The IP will also conduct trainings to experts and target women/female youths including on BBS, life skills with business development services (BDS) to model women enterprise/cooperatives, as well as support economic integration/networking between urban, semi urban and rural women/female youths.

The Project on Integrated and Sustained Economic Empowerment Initiatives in Ethiopia aims at reaching more targets and areas with higher level impacts by supporting gender responsive and inclusive capacity building approaches by development partners and promoting socio economic integration /networking between rural and urban women and female youths , their enterprises /cooperatives . The specific objectives include:

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To identify and document existing key training and capacity building materials (manuals and tools) on WEE
To revise two training manuals (TOT and BBS Training manuals) with all necessary training aids, tools in gender responsive and inclusive manner so that it can be used in different parts of the country; taking into account business functions in urban and rural contexts, time, age and education diversity
To build the capacity of targeted women and female youths residing in rural, urban and peri-urban areas to enable them practicing agri-business and other businesses effectively
To create a regular platform between targeted rural and urban women cooperatives and/or enterprises
Thus, the local CSO is expected to deliver on the below intermediate results:

Output 1: Training of trainers (TOT) manual revised to acceptable standard and produced in 300 copies,
Output 2: BBS training annual with all training aids developed to acceptable standard and produced in 500 copies,
Output 3: Learners manuals produced for TOT and BBS trainees in 300 and 1000 copies respectively,
Output 4: Thirty-six training experts (18 from the CSO and 18 from UN Women Partners) have obtained adult training skills through the TOT on the revised manual
Output 5: 500 Women targeted by UN Women Ethiopia obtained basic business and life skills through piloting/testing phase and further mentoring of the trainers using the BBS and life skills training manuals
Output 6: 500 women including returnee’s migrant domestic works received hygiene and sanitation trainings and supplies.
Output 7: Market linkages, contract farming and networking enhanced between urban and rural women cooperatives and enterprises in Addis Ababa and UN Women targeted kebeles in Sululta, Gelan and Legetafo and Legedadhi administrative areas,
Output 8: Three selected Climate Smart Agriculture and Agri- business (CSAAB) Program target enterprises/agri-business cooperatives provided with effective business development services as model practices to other targets and organizations.

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UN Women Ethiopia Office is looking for an experienced and committed Local CSO-Implementing Partner with proved record of working on results in the specified areas of work described under deliverables. Organizational experience and proven track record/credibility of transformative and sustainable women economic empowerment approaches; specifically on providing business development services, developing useful training manuals/tools on Basic Business skills, Entrepreneurship, marketing, life skills and related and current availability internal expertise (staff capacity) on delivering trainings to trainers, to women and female youth with different educational status including illiterates ,returnee migrant domestic workers etc.
Gender responsive staffing /personnel, relevant experience in partnerships with UN Women and/or other UN agencies, governments, NGOs, and other development actors.

Start date and end date for completion of required services/results: The project will commence upon signature of partnership agreement with the selected organization and will end after one year unless it is agreed otherwise.

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For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2WRep4Y

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