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UN-Habitat Call for Proposals in Lebanon

UN-Habitat Call for Proposals in Lebanon

Deadline: 27-Apr-22

UN-Habitat Lebanon has launched a call for proposal (CFP) to contract a competent non-governmental organization (NGO) to support in the implementation of its Project entitled “Beirut Housing Rehabilitation and Cultural and Creative Industries Recovery” funded through the Lebanon Financial Facility under the 3RF and administered by the World Bank.

The purpose of this call for proposal is to solicit interest from existing or prospective implementing partners that wish to participate in UN-Habitat operations and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind contributions, supplies and/or equipment) to achieving common objectives, as outlined below and subsequently agreed in an Agreement of Cooperation.
This CFP will mainly involve the engagement of the NGO in the implementation of Component 1 of the project that focuses on the technical assistance to be provided to families on rental support.
Under this CFP, the selected NGO will:
Facilitate the outreach to the tenants of pre-selected buildings
Support in the identification of vulnerable households
Raise awareness about the activities of the Project together with beneficiaries and other stakeholders
Support in resolving housing and property legal disputes
Facilitate the regular engagement of the tenants of selected buildings throughout the implementation process of the aforementioned component.
Funding information
Estimated duration in calendar months: 24 months
Maximum proposed value in USD: 170,000
Main activities under the CFP
The IP is responsible to undertake the following, but not limited to, key activities:
Support in reaching out to tenants of the preselected buildings for the project, approximately 60 buildings.
Develop the list of families, including their basic information and contact details, to help in communicating with targeted families throughout the project implementation process.
Map the relevant active stakeholders (based on the Stakeholder Engagement Plan Annex 1 SEP] developed by UN-Habitat) who might engage in/impact project implementation.
Validate, through field testing, socioeconomic and legal assessment questionnaires developed by UN-Habitat. Recommend changes based on the outcomes from the field testing.
Compile data and supporting documents related to the socioeconomic conditions of targeted families as well as to the legal status of tenancy, using questionnaires provided by UN-Habitat. Collected data will be stored in a database platform created by UN-Habitat, and it will be owned and managed by UN-Habitat.
Support in the verification and validation of gathered data, including any field gap-filling.
Introduce Project details, process, and work plan to beneficiaries, ensuring regular exchange of information throughout the project.
Facilitate the signature of lease agreements between owners and tenants where applicable, based on Lebanese laws and regulations and as advised by the Legal Advisor assigned by UN-Habitat.
Conduct individual and/or group meetings to facilitate negotiations between owners and renters and help resolving legal disputes as advised by the Legal advisor.
In collaboration with the Legal Advisor, prepare awareness raising materials and conduct sessions on the rights to adequate housing targeting tenants, (I)NGOs, and public institutions.
Provide logistical support to conduct awareness-raising sessions on housing and property rights and on other topics targeting beneficiaries.
Take part in the discussions on the housing recovery strategy. This involves meeting with different stakeholders to advise on existing challenges and gaps.
Facilitate meetings and consultations with the beneficiaries/stakeholders based on the SEP.
Support in the signature of consent forms by residents for housing rehabilitation.
Keep records of meetings, consultations, awareness sessions, etc., implemented with the tenants and owners in two languages (Arabic and English) and share with UN-Habitat as appropriate.
Support UN-Habitat in disseminating Project materials to the stakeholders, through a set of communication tools.
Eligibility Criteria
Legal status
Certificate of registration/incorporation, i.e.:
Proof of registration in Lebanon of at least 4 years
Proof of country operational presence at least 4 years
Organization profile and details
Clear organization profile and structure of the organization indicating:
Organization’s vision, mission and objectives
Management structure
Members of the Governing Board and their designations duly certified by the corporate secretary, or its equivalent document
Proof of membership to professional associations if any
Financial capacity
Audited company financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) and auditors report for the last two years.
Exclusive bank account
Is the organization willing and able to have a separate bank account for the funds provided by UN-Habitat?
Integrity and governance
The organization should complete and submit a signed Partner Declaration Form.
The organizations should provide the profiles of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Head of the Organization and Chief of Finance.
For more information, visit https://unhabitat.org/calls/supporting-the-mobilization-and-outreach-to-targeted-families-affected-by-the-port-of-beirut

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