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UK: Small Grants Fund to support Voluntary and Community Sector

UK: Small Grants Fund to support Voluntary and Community Sector

Deadline: 19-Jul-21

The Tower Hamlets Council has launched Small Grants Fund to support voluntary and community sector activity across Tower Hamlets that will make a positive difference to the lives of local residents.

The Small Grants Fund welcomes applications related to equalities.

This might include, for example, projects that contribute to tackling inequalities faced by a particular group, bringing people from different groups together to increase awareness and understanding or events celebrating diversity.

Applications for activities related to Black History Month are welcomed.


The Small Grants Fund is being administered by EECF and will award grants of up to £5,000 to support organisations with an annual income of less than £250k delivering activities under the following themes:

Theme 1: Innovation. To encourage innovation or pilot something new, especially where there is a gap in provision.
Theme 2: Prevention. To promote grassroots activity to reduce the need for statutory services.
Theme 3: Neighborhood Action. To promote local neighborhood initiatives.
Theme 4: Community Cohesion. To develop community resilience, promote cultural opportunities and reduce social isolation.
Theme 5: Partnership. Making the sector more effective through closer partnership working within the sector and across sectors.
Theme 6: Access & Participation. Establishing access and participation schemes to provide referral gateways for people from BAME communities.
Theme 7: Loneliness. To reduce the impact of loneliness and social isolation on residents.
Funding Information

Grants of between £200 and £5,000 are available.
Eligibility Criteria

The fund is open to all voluntary and community organisations. These are defined as;

Registered charities
Community groups
Community associations
Tenants and residents’ groups
Green spaces friends’ groups
Co-operatives and social enterprises
School/parent groups which are independent of the schools they work with
Faith organisations
Sports, environmental, arts and heritage organisations
Grant making trusts
Housing associations
Un-constituted groups of residents working together to make a difference in their local communities.

They cannot accept applications from;

For-profit organisations
Individuals seeking funding for personal benefit, or sole traders
Organisations based outside the UK
Organisations with an annual turnover in excess of £250,000 are not eligible to apply to this fund.
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