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UK: Shrewsbury Town Council’s Community Grants

UK: Shrewsbury Town Council’s Community Grants

Deadline: 1-Jul-22

The Shrewsbury Town Council is offering community grants to local organisations to assist them to achieve their aims and objectives.

The Council has a policy of only assisting truly local community groups, and this is interpreted to mean those organisations based in the Shrewsbury Town Council area or national bodies with an independent branch in the same area, providing support to the residents of the Parish of Shrewsbury.

Town Council’s General Aims & Objectives
Applicants must fulfil at least two of the Town Council’s General Aims & Objectives:

Providing a democratic representational voice for the Shrewsbury community.
Supporting and contributing to the economic and social life of the town and regeneration of the local community.
Encouraging and promoting the economic and commercial vitality of the town.
Preserving the unique identity of Shrewsbury and promoting its heritage.
Creating a socially inclusive and caring community.
Protecting and improving the environment of the town and promoting sustainable development.
Funding Information
Applications for more than £2000 are unlikely to be successful.

Who/What will they fund?
Applications must be from a properly formed group, club, committee or charity, which must show that the group has charitable/community aims and benefits the residents of Shrewsbury.
These organisations should have:
A constitution/set of rules
A bank account
Public Liability Insurance
Community Grants Fund will fund either new projects or continued services.
Community Grants Fund may be used as match funding.
Who/What will they not fund?
Any group whose aims the Town Council considers to be working within a business or profit making remit cannot apply
Grants may not be made to individuals.
Applications where those benefiting do not live in Shrewsbury
Projects that have already been completed or items already purchased
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