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U.S. Embassy in Turkey announces Grant Program for NGOs and CSOs

U.S. Embassy in Turkey announces Grant Program for NGOs and CSOs

Deadline: 21 January 2020

The U.S. Embassy in Ankara has announced its country-wide Grants Program.

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Funding is available to support projects that address one or more of the following key bilateral themes:

  • Support Shared Security: Projects for consideration in this category could/should support and advance cooperation between the United States and Turkey in bilateral counter terrorism efforts and transnational crime as well as in NATO and other multilateral security organizations.
  • Strengthen Economic Prosperity – Promoting Innovation and Fostering Entrepreneurship: Depending on the level of entrepreneurial opportunity and ability in the targeted region(s) for the activity, proposals here could include trainings to introduce the concept and principles of entrepreneurship, promote networking and mentorship opportunities, provide small-and-medium enterprise (SME) development planning, teach marketing and outreach techniques, foster research and development/innovation, etc.
  • Reinforce Democratic Values – Media: Proposals should support journalists and/or citizen journalists through trainings or activities to bolster media literacy, investigative journalism, social media/internet publishing, research and fact checking, documentary film making, visual or other storytelling.
  • Reinforce Democratic Values – Freedom of Expression and Public Discourse: Proposals should focus on activities to encourage cultural and arts projects promoting public discourse and freedom of opinion, such as through innovative forms of creative expression, reaching and teaching undeserved audiences (e.g., ethnic or religious minorities, LGBT, youth or women – or promoting awareness of their issues), encouraging respect of cultural and social diversity, pluralism and equity in cultural life and policy.
  • Foster Turkish and U.S. Ties: Proposals for programs developing American Studies, English language teaching/learning, STE(A)M education among Turkish youth and which encourage study in the United States will be considered under this category.

Funding Information

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Awards may range from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $80,000.

Participants and Audiences

  • Projects focused on underserved communities and projects located outside Turkey’s metropolitan areas are encouraged.
  • Projects should have a public teaching/public dialogue or educational component.

Eligibility Criteria

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The following organizations are eligible to apply:

  • Not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations
  • Public and private higher educational institutions
  • Individuals

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their applications at the address given on the website.

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For more information, please visit

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