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U.S. Embassy in The Kyrgyz Republic seeking Applications for 2020 Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

U.S. Embassy in The Kyrgyz Republic seeking Applications for 2020 Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

Deadline: 10 May 2020

U.S. Embassy Bishkek announces the 2020 Spring Round of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

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Priority Themes

Advancing Business Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship:
Problem Statement: To support efforts in achieving economic prosperity for the Kyrgyz Republic, the Public Affairs Section seeks to fund organizations that strengthen entrepreneurship and small business development, including the development of necessary skills.
Goal: Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners have the knowledge and tools they need to make their businesses successful.
Target beneficiaries: potential entrepreneurs and small business owners, marginalized and underrepresented groups and vulnerable populations.
Examples include but are not limited to:
Projects that advance economic independence, business empowerment, and sustainable development.
Projects to support business resilience against public health crises such as:
Programs that educate entrepreneurs and small business owners use social media platforms for sales and marketing; provide access to and training on online digital resources for faster communication and engagement;
Increasing capacity of entrepreneurs in developing business continuity and contingency plans to address risk minimization and resource optimization as well as supporting government response through innovative partnerships;
Building public-private partnerships for strengthening rural women entrepreneurship development.
Projects that support business that serve marginalized groups, underrepresented groups, and vulnerable populations to improve the business climate:
Such as a hackathon to develop apps that respond to a community’s needs;
Programs that help vulnerable populations communicate a market need to relevant entrepreneurs and businesses.
Promoting Democratic Institutions:
Problem Statement: To achieve a more democratic, well-governed and stable Kyrgyz Republic through public engagement, advocacy for democratic freedoms and mutual accountability between citizens and government.
Goal: Strengthening of democratic institutions in Kyrgyz Republic, including increasing the participation and representation of citizens from all different backgrounds in civic life.
Target beneficiaries: NGOs, research organizations, watchdog groups, and existing civic society groups.
Examples include but are not limited to:
Projects to promote good governance, government transparency including citizen understanding of public finance.
Projects to advance human rights and rule of law, promoting legal reform, and judicial independence.
Projects to promote increased participation by informed citizens in the democratic process, including through effective advocacy, education of voters about policies and processes.
Projects to further civic action on environmental issues.
Projects to protect the rights of vulnerable populations during public health crises such as:
Building partnership and increasing capacity of stakeholders (LSG, state agencies, civil society) to effectively respond to public health crisis;
Developing strategies and coping mechanisms during emergency situations to establish public confidence and promote citizen vigilance;
Increasing awareness of vulnerable communities on preventive measures and ensuring access to credible information.
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE):
Problem Statement: To support efforts of civil society in preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization by promoting peacebuilding, mitigating conflict, and countering extremist narratives.
Goal: Engage civil society in building effective partnerships to increase community resilience against radicalization and violent extremism.
Target beneficiaries: vulnerable youth and women, potential migrants, religious leaders, local influencers, activists and community leaders.
Examples Include but are not limited to:
Projects on civic education and participation as well as effective messaging and public awareness campaigns on negative consequences of extremist groups and providing positive alternative ideas.
Projects promoting peace and tolerance, facilitating interfaith and intergroup dialogue, and working with vulnerable communities to increase their civic participation in public life through promotion of human rights and democratic principles, and build resilience to extremism ideologies.
Projects promoting critical skills development and enhancing digital and media literacy to help vulnerable groups make informed decisions when presented with different sources of media content.
Countering Gender-Based Violence (GBV):
Problem Statement: To strengthen civil society organizations to advocate effectively for greater respect of and attention to human rights of vulnerable groups.
Goal: Strengthen civil society efforts in preventing and responding to gender based violence.
Target Beneficiaries: marginalized and at-risk minorities, vulnerable groups, victims of gender based violence.
Examples Include but are not limited to:
Projects to educate rural communities on measures to counter gender-based violence.
Projects to provide victims of gender-based violence with the avenues for economic self-sufficiency.
Projects providing legal support to victims, and awareness-raising projects on GBV and support programs available to victims of GBV (excludes social services and infrastructure projects).
Projects NOT funded by the Democracy Commission include:

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Projects that support partisan political activity
Conferences abroad or individual trips abroad
Charitable activity or humanitarian aid
Fundraising campaigns
Art or cultural projects
Medical and scientific research
Projects that duplicate existing projects
Construction projects
Projects that will last more than 12 months
Funding Information

Anticipated period of performance: Up to 12 months
Floor of Award Amounts: $10,000
Ceiling of Award Amounts: $50,000
Number of Anticipated Awards: 10-15
Eligibility Criteria

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This program supports the development of democratic institutions and civil society by competitively awarding small grants to nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and associations, to nonprofit civil society organizations (CSOs), and to independent local media organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic.
State bodies are encouraged to partner with NGOs to submit applications.
American or other donor country organizations or individuals are not eligible for grants under this program.
Current Democracy Commission grant recipients may not apply for funding; open grants must be closed before new applications can be considered.
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