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U.S. Embassy in Jamaica: PEPFAR Small Grants Program

U.S. Embassy in Jamaica: PEPFAR Small Grants Program

Deadline: 20-Nov-20

The U.S. Mission Kingston’s PEPFAR Coordination Office (PCO) is pleased to issue this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for their Small Grants Program.

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PEPFAR awards a limited number of grants to non-governmental organizations and other civil society entities in support of initiating a Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) program.

This Program is aimed at improving client-centered HIV services under the Ambassadors Small Grants Program (ASG). These grants advance PEPFAR’s overarching goal of ending the HIV epidemic in Jamaica. The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the U.S. government’s response to the global HIV epidemic and represents the largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease in history.

Funding Information

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Number of Awards anticipated: One (1) award;
Award amount: $35,000;
Total available funding: $35,000.
Program Goals

Improve client experiences and retention on HIV treatment by assessing services at treatment facilities in Jamaica.
Drive action to address issues identified as barriers by PLHIV clients.
Help to center PLHIV community perspectives and needs in HIV treatment.
Projects which may be funded should cover the following

Monitoring of all PEPFAR-supported HIV treatment sites in Jamaica, with details as follows:

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Assess all PEPFAR-supported HIV treatment sites in Jamaica at least twice during the grant period. PEPFAR-supported sites are:
JASL Kingston, JASL St. Ann, JASL Montego Bay;
Comprehensive Health Centre;
Cornwall Regional Hospital;
Duncan’s Health Centre;
Kingston Public Hospital;
Lucea Health Centre;
Mandeville Health Centre;
May Pen Health Centre;
Montego Bay Type 5;
Port Maria Hospital;
St. Ann’s Bay Health Centre;
St. Jago Park Health Centre;
Savanna La Mar Hospital.
Develop survey to learn from PLHIV clients about their treatment experiences regarding the following three areas:
current operational procedures,
stigma and discrimination, and
the extent to which PLHIV are involved in the decision-making/planning process.
Administer survey to at least twelve clients per site during each assessment.
Examples of items to assess include – appointment systems, wait times, clinic hours, use of technology, treatment literacy, stigma and discrimination related to HIV status or status as a key population (KP), and opportunities for client support from PLHIV peers.
By the end of each quarter, develop a report including:
Data / data analysis;
Discussion of findings;
Targeted recommendations for improving program structure;
Action plan for the next quarter.
At the end of the project, provide a comprehensive report that covers:
Data / data analysis;
Discussion of findings;
Progress in addressing gaps identified in initial assessments;
Next steps for community-led monitoring.
Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible to apply:

Registered not-for-profit organizations including think tanks, civil society/non-governmental organizations, community-based groups, faith-based organizations, and groups of persons living with HIV. Organizations should have programming and/or project management experience.
Organizations cannot be primary or secondary recipients of PEPFAR funding.
Ineligible costs and Activities

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The AFCP does not support the following activities or costs, and will deem applications involving any of these activities or costs ineligible:

Preservation or purchase of privately or commercially owned cultural objects, collections, or real property, including those whose transfer from private or commercial to public ownership is envisioned, planned, or in process but not complete at the time of application.
Preservation of natural heritage (physical, biological, and geological formations, paleontological collections, habitats of threatened species of animals and plants, fossils, etc.)
Preservation of hominid or human remains;
Preservation of news media (newspapers, newsreels, radio and TV programs, etc.);Preservation of published materials available elsewhere (books, periodicals, etc.);
Development of curricula or educational materials for classroom use;
Archaeological excavations or exploratory surveys for research purposes;
Historical research, except in cases where the research is justifiable and integral to the success of the proposed project;
Acquisition or creation of new exhibits, objects, or collections for new or existing museums;
Construction of new buildings, building additions, or permanent coverings (over archaeological sites, for example);
Commissions of new works of art or architecture for commemorative or economic development purposes;
Creation of new or the modern adaptation of existing traditional dances, songs, chants, musical compositions, plays, or other performances;
Creation of replicas or conjectural reconstructions of cultural objects or sites that no longer exist;
Relocation of cultural sites from one physical location to another;
Removal of cultural objects or elements of cultural sites from the country for any reason;
Digitization of cultural objects or collections, unless part of a larger, clearly defined conservation or documentation effort;
Conservation plans or other studies, unless they are one component of a larger project to implement the results of those studies;
Cash reserves, endowments, or revolving funds (funds must be expended within the award period [up to five years] and may not be used to create an endowment or revolving fund);
Costs of fund-raising campaigns;
Contingency, unforeseen, or miscellaneous costs or fees;
Costs of work performed prior to announcement of the award unless allowable per 2 CFR 200.458 and approved by the grants officer;
International travel, except in cases where travel is justifiable and integral to the success of the proposed project;
Travel or study outside the host country for professional development;
Individual projects costing less than $200,000;
Independent U.S. projects overseas.
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