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U.S. Embassy in Belarus: 2019 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Competition

U.S. Embassy in Belarus: 2019 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Competition

Deadline: 23 November 2018

The United States Embassy in Belarus is currently accepting project proposals for the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2019 competition.


The United States Embassy in Belarus (“the Embassy”) requests proposals for funding in FY 2019 for projects to preserve cultural heritage in less developed countries through the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP). The projects recommended by a review panel for funding under this program will advance U.S. foreign policy objectives and demonstrate the depth of U.S. respect for the cultural heritage of other countries.

Funding Information

  • Floor on Amount of Individual Awards: US $10,000 per project
  • Ceiling on Amount of Individual Awards: US $200,000 per project

 Funding Areas

The AFCP Small Grants Competition supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects and collections, and forms of traditional cultural expression. Appropriate project activities may include:

  • In the case of cultural sites: conservation of an ancient or historic building, preservation of an archaeological site, or documentation of cultural sites in a region for preservation purposes
  • In the case of cultural objects and collections: conservation treatment for an object or collection of objects from a museum, site, or similar institution—that include, but are not limited to, archaeological and ethnographic objects, paintings, sculpture, manuscripts, and general museum conservation needs; needs assessment of a collection with respect to its condition and strategies for improving its state of conservation; inventory of a collection for conservation and protection purposes; the creation of safe environments for storage or display of collections; or specialized training in the care and preservation of collections
  • In the case of forms of traditional cultural expression: documentation and audiovisual recording of traditional music, indigenous languages and dance forms for broad dissemination as the means of teaching and further preserving them, or support for training in the preservation of traditional applied arts or crafts in danger of extinction

Eligibility Criteria

  • The competition is open to Belarusian non-governmental organizations, institutions of culture, museums and other establishments.
  • The Embassy defines eligible project applicants as reputable and accountable non-commercial entities, such as non-governmental organizations, museums, ministries of culture, or similar institutions and organizations, including U.S.-based organizations subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code, that are registered and active in SAM.gov and able to demonstrate that they have the requisite experience and capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural] heritage.

How to Apply

Applicants should send their proposals electronically at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit AFCP 2019 Competition.

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