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Thriving Women Program in the United States

Thriving Women Program in the United States

Deadline: 16-Oct-21

The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples is offering Thriving Women Program to support Indigenous women-led, community-based projects that empower Native Peoples to address gender violence and restore wellness for the individual, family, and community.

The program recognizes the inherent link between violence against Native Women, Girls and Two-Spirit relatives and the wellbeing of the Earth. Overall, the program nurtures healthy and thriving Native communities, with the vision of reclaiming a world without violence against Native Peoples.
Thriving Women aims to reclaim Indigenous lifeways and co-build community models that centralize relational accountability, collective wellness, spirituality, tradition, and Earth-consciousness by supporting Native Women-led projects through the following pathways:
A World Without Violence Against Women – Projects under this pathway include leadership development, emergency shelter, crisis support services, issue advocacy, educational workshops, and traditional approaches to healing and protection.
Birthkeeping, Motherhood, and Kinship – Projects under this pathway centralize traditional birthing systems, motherhood, and kinship-building, such as midwifery, prenatal community education, and sisterhood convenings/groups.
Cultural Continuity – Projects under this pathway support Native Identity development and cultural education, such as on ancestral languages, traditional foods, and lands, coming-of-age ceremonies.
Funding Information
Grant Award Ranges:
International (outside of the so-called US) for up to $10,000 grant awards
Lower 48, Native Hawaii, and US Territories for up to $30,000 grant awards
Native Alaska for up to $50,000 grant awards
Eligibility Criteria
Organizations that wish to apply must meet the following requirements:
Be a non-profit organization with 501(3)(c) tax-exemption status. Community based projects that do not have non-profit status are welcome to contact SGF regarding Affiliate Program / Fiscal Administration for consideration of the Affiliate Program.
Engagement, Leadership & Decision-making – 80% or more Indigenous Women Board of Directors, with an Indigenous Woman Executive Director.
Emerge directly from the community and are led by the Indigenous Peoples impacted by the project.
Be in good standing with the Seventh Generation Fund.
For more information, visit https://7genfund.org/our-work/thriving-women/

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