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The Seed Fund in the UK

The Seed Fund in the UK

Deadline: 5-Jan-22

Applications are now open for the Seed Fund.

The Seed Fund is to initiate projects that support people with disabilities to live well in their community, addressing loneliness and reducing social isolation.

A key factor to living well with an invisible disability is being able to maintain your existing lifestyle as much as possible for as long as possible. Some people start to change their usual routines after being diagnosed and withdraw from their community.

This may leave them or family carers isolated or lonely. Staying part of a community and continuing activities, pastimes and hobbies can result in less stress, anxiety and frustration for both the person with a diagnosis and their family.

Funding Information
You can apply for up to £2000 per application.
Eligibility Criteria
All applications must be for projects that:
address loneliness for those with an invisible disability and their carers
reduce social isolation for those with an invisible disability and their carers
work with local businesses, organisations, leisure, sports or arts to help those with an invisible disability remain part of the community and maintain their pastimes, hobbies and activities
have 50% of the total cost secured though match funding, either financial or in kind (such as donated location, staff time, materials and equipment)
demonstrate that consideration has been given to longer term sustainability, as this is one-off seed funding and will not be available in future
develop existing partnerships and encourage new partnerships between various sectors of the community
be promoted to those living with an invisible disability as well as local businesses and organisations
will be appropriately monitored and evaluated, including case studies where appropriate, to enable other organisations to benefit and support future development of opportunities.
Greater consideration will be given to funding applications for projects which have:
intergenerational and/or community group involvement
arts, culture, sports or leisure activities
assistive technology and aids
business and retail sector involvement.
For more information, visit https://www.kent.gov.uk/leisure-and-community/community-grants-and-funding/seed-fund#tab-2

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