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The North West Learning Fund – United Kingdom

The North West Learning Fund – United Kingdom

Deadline: 16-Nov-20

The Community Foundation Northern Ireland is seeking applications for the North West Learning Fund.

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The purpose of the Fund is to encourage innovation and collaborative approaches by government and private philanthropists to improve the sustainability of organizations working within the Community and Voluntary Sector.

The Fund will also provide additional strategic, organizational support through a bespoke mentorship programme for grant recipients upon completion of a strength checker.

Funding Information

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Phase Two will encourage innovation in learning leading to employment opportunities and/or further learning for economically inactive people, and will offer grants of between £10,000 and £15,000.
What can be supported within the fund themes?

They expect projects to include:

An innovative, expanded, and/or more efficient and effective service offer;
Strong leadership and governance;
Improved management systems;
Sound impact measurement systems;
Thoughts around future strategic planning and direction in relation to supporting economically inactive people living in the North West, to find a route to employment, through training and learning initiatives.
Collaborative approaches, where possible;
Strengthened networks.
Applicants are advised to consider the impact of COVID restrictions on their activities and demonstrate how they plan to adapt to new ways of working with their clients and highlight any new potential employment opportunities.

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The Fund will not support:

The Community Foundation will not fund organisations or activities which promote causes that are contrary to their purposes. Causes and activities that are contrary to their purposes include, but may not be limited to, those outlined in their investment policy i.e. those linked to the promotion of armaments, alcohol, human rights abuses, tobacco or pornography.

In addition, the Community Foundation will not support the following:

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The advancement of religion. This includes organisations whose purposes include advancement of religion;
The establishment of an endowment of any school or institution providing further education within the meaning of the education and libraries (Northern Ireland) order 1972;
The provision of assistance to any Housing Association within the meaning of the housing (Northern Ireland) order 1976 – *Note: Housing Associations will be eligible for some funds, provided they meet all other eligibility requirements, and if they apply as part of a partnership project, and are not named as the applicant organisation.
The North West Learning Fund also generally do not fund:

Organisations operating outside of the North West e.g. DCSDC area and County Derry~Londonderry;
Party political activity;
Trips abroad;
Replacement of statutory funding;
Funding for projects that have already started;
Groups who have not complied with previous monitoring requirements;
Groups with more than three live lives grants at any one time.
Who can apply?

Registered charities;
Constituted community organizations, and CICs, within Northern Ireland, who are based in the County Derry/Londonderry area only, and which support economically inactive people living in the North West, to find a route to employment, through training and learning initiatives.
For more information, visit https://communityfoundationni.org/grants/north-west-learning-fund/

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