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The Colorado College is seeking a Cultural Program Coordonator

The Colorado College is seeking a Cultural Program Coordonator

TITLE: Cultural Program Coordinator


Fall of 2016
SUMMARY: Works for the language departments to assist in language teaching though instruction, and or tutoring (or speaking native language with language house participants. Under Residential Life oversight coordinates cultural programming in the language houses and assists Residential Advisor.
DEPARTMENT: French & Italian Department

REPORTS TO: Chair of French & Italian dpt, and/or designated Supervisor.
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts /’Licence’ in Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Second Language acquisition.
EXPERIENCE: Some previous experience teaching non-native speakers of French
SKILLS: – Command of written and spoken English; strong interpersonal skills necessary.
– Must be a self starter, adaptable, flexible, able to work with various constituencies, and enthusiastic about sharing French and Francophone cultures
– Excellent communication and organizational skills are essential.
– Beginning understanding of appropriate teaching methodologies and classroom strategies

With the Faculty Advisor’s oversight, undertakes the following:
Teaching: Two or Three adjunct maintenance classes – 6 hours/week
Tutoring: 4-5 hours weekly
Cultural Programming: This is the most time-intensive portion of the job. In charge of the cultural programming for the Language House. Live with students who want to speak the language. Arrange cultural activities (i.e. dinner, movie, language “tables”, campus wide cultural activities)
With the Residential Life Coordinator’s oversight, undertakes the following:
Attend Residential Life training sessions at the beginning of each semester, and sessions during the semester as needed
Maintain appropriate documentation and records for the Cultural Coordinator position
Organize, plan, and execute cultural programs for house residents and the campus community; continually integrating cultural experiences into the residential community
Collaborate with the Director of Study Abroad and Residential Life Coordinator to create programs to prepare students for experiences abroad, and reconnect students returning from abroad
Actively recruit and select house members, working under the direction of the Residential Life Coordinator
Meet blockly with the Residential Life Coordinator and faculty advisor/mentor
Coordinate the storage and maintenance of items provided to the house by the Office of Residential Life
Be a visible presence in the house and serving as a role model to house residents, abiding by all College and Residential Life policies
Contact student staff (Resident Advisor) when policy violations are encountered; keeping the Resident Advisor and/or Residential Life Coordinator informed about any concerns regarding the house or its members

– Must support and contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity at Colorado College and work effectively with the many constituencies on campus.

– Assists in promoting a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following College procedures; requesting and using appropriate protective equipment; and participating in appropriate safety training.

– Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

Deadline for submission of application materials: July 10, 2016.
••Please send application materials
(CV & Cover Letter) to
Dr Ibrahima Wade: Iwade@coloradocollege.edu
Colorado College

Cultural Program Coordinators

Financial Compensation


$2700 Stipend (annual stipend)
$900 per adjunct course (maximum $5400 per year)
Room valued at $5000
Meals valued at $3200 ($1600 per semester)
Health insurance valued at $1720 (2009-2010 cost)
Lowest fare direct round trip coach flight to Colorado College
Opportunity to earn extra money through grading/teaching assistance
Opportunity to audit (without credit) up to three courses and to enroll in one course for credit per semester.

Deadline for submission of application: July 10, 2016

• More information on the College? Please go to: http://www.coloradocollege.edu/

Send application materials (CV and cover letter) to Dr Ibrahima Wade à :


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