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Temasek Foundation announces 9th Ecosperity Innovations – Singapore

Temasek Foundation announces 9th Ecosperity Innovations – Singapore

Deadline: 31-Mar-21

Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation funds and supports ideas and innovations for actual application through commercialisation and enterprise, to bring about impactful improvements to the liveability of the Singapore community and beyond.

Temasek Foundation champions sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability in an abc World of active and productive economies, beautiful and inclusive societies, and clean and cool earth.

Eligibility Criteria

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Turn your Environmental Project Idea into a Reality with up to €10.000 Grants: Apply Now

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Through the Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals, Temasek Foundation provides funding for later-stage applied, translational research and development proposals, and/or commercialization efforts of innovative solutions that address liveability and sustainability issues in Singapore, benefitting and impacting the Singapore community.
The Ecosperity Innovations Call for Proposals does not fund early research efforts.
Examples of liveability and sustainability issues include but are not limited to:
Food and Nutrition;
Infectious Disease Management;
Waste Management;
Weather and Climate; and
Public Health.
Solutions can originate from within or outside Singapore, but they have to benefit Singapore, be applicable, or adaptable in Singapore.
Solutions that are economically sustainable and have a considerable social impact will have an added advantage when they are assessed in competition with others.
Solutions should preferably be at Technology Readiness Level 6 and beyond and/or Proof-of-Value stage. Public health solutions should preferably be at a stage of conducting an implementation trial within the healthcare system in Singapore.
Solutions will be assessed in the following context:
Desirability: Does Singapore need them? Do the solutions benefit Singapore?
Feasibility: Have the Proofs of Concept been completed? How well do they fare against competing technologies?
Viability: Are they commercially viable? Are there distribution channels for or end-users or ‘receptacles’ to adopt the solutions already?
The Lead Principal Investigator of the programme/project should ideally be based in Singapore.
One assessment consideration is whether applicants have applied for funding from other grant institutions. Temasek Foundation may seek verification from applicants for the proof of application to other institutions, where applicable.
For more information, visit https://www.temasekfoundation.org.sg/grant-calls/

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