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Tech to Unite Us Grant Programme: Supporting Innovative Ventures in UK

Tech to Unite Us Grant Programme: Supporting Innovative Ventures in UK

Deadline: 25 July 2018

Social Tech Trust is inviting applications for its new grant programme entitled “Tech to Unite Us” to support innovative ventures transform lives with tech.

The trust aims to demonstrate how tech can reach its transformative potential when it’s driven by one of the greatest opportunities of our time – equality.

Talented teams developing innovative ventures that are at an early -stage, with the potential for transformative social impact at scale and the ambition for growth and sustainability.

What the Trust is going to do:

  • It will grant fund up to 10 ambitious ventures using tech to unite us in inspirational and transformational ways.
  • It will support applicants with technical assistance to give them the best chance of growing their venture sustainably and maximising their social impact.
  • It will work collaboratively sharing its knowledge of funding venture growth, and learning from others to support innovation for equality more broadly.

Funding Information

  • Eligible ventures can apply for a grant of up to £45K over a 9-12-month funding period.


  • Up to £45k, which will be made as a grant with participation rights.
  • Technical assistance to support applicants’ growth, sustainability and capacity for transformative innovation, e.g. legal and business support, social impact measurement and reporting, marketing and communications.
  • Access to our extensive support networks, including mentors and investors.
  • A personal approach from the Social Tech Trust team – one that recognises the importance of flexibility for early-stage innovation.
  • Support to build applicants’ case for further investment.

Eligibility Criteria

The trust will consider applicants’ application if their venture has:

  • A social mission embedded in their governance
  • Potential to deliver transformative social impact at scale through a deep understanding of the critical social challenge that drives their innovation and an ambition to make a difference through growth.
  • An innovative approach to tackling a social challenge; this could be through a creative business model, by harnessing emerging tech, or using existing tech in a new and transformative way.
  • A working product or service that they will continue to test and iterate; they are at the demonstration stage of their venture’s evolution.
  • Evidence of their potential to create user, social and financial value; for example, a theory of change, user co-design and testing, identified social KPIs, or prospective partnerships or routes to market.
  • The right team with the critical experience and expertise for success in house tech capabilities being an essential.
  • Registration as a UK-based organisation and the potential for social impact in the UK.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

Eligible Country: United Kingdom

For more information, please visit Tech to Unite Us.

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