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TCAF: Grant to support the development of new and existing projects (UK)

TCAF: Grant to support the development of new and existing projects (UK)

Deadline: 16-Nov-21

Heritage Fund is seeking applications for The Trees Call to Action Fund (TCAF) to support the development of new and existing projects and partnerships, helping to deliver the England Trees Action Plan.

This is part of the Nature for Climate Fund, which the government has created to treble tree planting rates in England by 2025.

TCAF aims to build the capacity of organisations working with the trees and forestry sector in England. These projects should aim to deliver the objectives of the England Trees Action Plan:

Expanding and connecting their trees and woodlands
Trees and woodlands as part of the green economy
Protecting and improving their trees and woodlands
Connecting people with trees and woodlands
Funding Information
They are offering grants of £250,000 to £500,000 for projects to deliver by March 2025.
Eligibility Criteria
Under this programme, they welcome applications from not-for-profit organisations based in England working in partnerships. Lead applicants may be:

Local authorities
Environmental charities
Environmental not-for-profit organisations
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Park Authorities
Partnerships may include commercial ‘for-profit organisations’ and private landowners, but neither can be the lead applicant.

Partnerships can include the following, but in an advisory role only:

Non-ministerial departments
Executive agencies
Executive or advisory non-departmental public bodies, such as:
Natural England
Forestry England
Forestry Commission
These bodies cannot receive any grant funding, but can contribute match funding, advice and land.

Ineligible Applicants
Applicants are discouraged from applying if they are one of the following:
single site projects, or projects working at a local scale
solo applicants, with no partnerships in place
Proposed new woodland creation partnerships in areas already in receipt of Defra Woodland Creation Partnerships funding. This includes the Northern Forest, Community Forests, the National Forest Company, and other existing Woodland Creation Partnerships.
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