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Sussex Crisis Fund in the United Kingdom

Sussex Crisis Fund in the United Kingdom

Deadline: 10-Sep-21

The Sussex Community Foundation is pleased to announce the Sussex Crisis Fund to support digital inclusion work, particularly in East and West Sussex.

The type of work they support includes:

Youth club activities;
Lunch clubs for older people;
Health and well-being initiatives;
Projects supporting digital inclusion;
Community transport;
Community gardens and environmental projects;
Projects addressing homelessness;
Community advice and support;
Food banks;
Projects addressing drug and alcohol misuse.
Your grant can cover costs such as:

Equipment and materials;
Training and skills development;
Rent or hire;
Organisational development, eg. help with business planning or fundraising strategies;
Digital solutions;
Volunteer expenses.
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Most of the funds offer grants of up to £5,000, unless otherwise advertised.
Eligibility Criteria

Most of the grants are awarded to not-for-profit volunteer-led organisations whose annual income does not exceed £1 million.
The Foundation defines ‘not for profit’ organisations as those:
Whose governing body (board or management committee) is entirely voluntary, although out of pocket expenses may be paid, and has a minimum of three un-related people (if some are related there must be at least three who are not);
Whose members do not receive any financial benefit;
Whose income and assets are used for exclusively charitable purposes (and any remaining assets are transferred to a charitable organisation);
That do not pay any dividend or distribute any surplus to shareholders or members.
Your organisation does not have to be a charity but it does need to have:
its own bank account, with at least two cheque signatories (who are not related to each other);
a constitution or set of governing rules, with a minimum of three trustees/committee members;
accounts or records of expenditure;
relevant policies (such as equal opportunities, child protection, vulnerable adults, health and safety etc).
For more information, visit https://sussexgiving.org.uk/apply-for-grants/how-it-works/

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