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Sumitomo Foundation: Grant for Japan-Related Research Projects

Sumitomo Foundation: Grant for Japan-Related Research Projects


The Sumitomo Foundation is soliciting applications for its Grant for Japan-related Research Projects that aims at enhancing mutual understanding between Asian countries and Japan through promoting research projects in the field of the social sciences or humanities that are related to Japan.

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The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the betterment of human society. To this end, grants shall be made to the projects in a variety of fields or disciplines whose aims are to determine or help solve those problems which confront humanity.

The Sumitomo Foundation, a non-profit grant-making organization, was established on September 25, 1991, by 20 companies of the Sumitomo Group (serving as donors) to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Besshi Copper Mine in Shikoku, Japan.

Funding Information

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Budget Total: ¥50 million.
Grant Amount for Each Project: Maximum ¥2.0 million (¥0.2- ¥1.5 million in fiscal 2019)
Number of Projects: Approximately 80
Grant Period: One year (April 2021 through March 2022), but can be extended by two years maximum if required for a specific reason.
Eligible Projects

Areas of Research:
Any research project, mainly in the field of social sciences or humanities that is related to Japan.
The following projects are not eligible:
Research projects for profit-making or those conceivably conducive to profit-making.
Contracted research projects for a third party.
Research projects which have been already substantially completed.
This grant is not a scholarship, a fellowship, or a grant for the publication of research results alone.
Type of Research:
Individual or collaborative research.
Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

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be a researcher of Asian (non-Japanese) nationality (For fiscal 2020, priority is given to East and Southeast Asian nationals)
be living outside Japan during the grant. (Please do not apply if the researchers intend to stay in Japan for more than six months during the grant period as a student, visiting professor, etc.)
take personal responsibilities for conducting the proposed research project.
Please note that the above conditions are applied to the applicant of collaborative research as well.

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