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Submit Your Proposal to “Conduct Two-day Gathering Sessions of the CCM Global Fund Grants” (Iran)

Submit Your Proposal to “Conduct Two-day Gathering Sessions of the CCM Global Fund Grants” (Iran)

Deadline: 9-Oct-22

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) requests you to submit your Proposal to “Conduct two-day gathering sessions of the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Global Fund Grants.”

The structure and the concept of the CCM are intended to reflect the principles of national ownership and participatory decision-making. This unique publicprivate partnership at the national level constitutes the governing body for the use of GFATM resources in recipient countries. The CCM is responsible for coordinating submission of fresh proposals, processing requests for continued funding, selecting principal recipients as well as monitoring and oversight of all GFATM grants and projects implemented with these grants.

Duration of Work
The Contract is expected to be started from early October 2022 till end October 2022. The Contractor shall undertake two “two-day gathering session” which is expected to be conducted in 17-18 and 24-25 October 2022 and submit the reports (Farsi & English) before the end date of the contract.

The Contractor (organization/firm/NGO) is expected to have the following qualifications:
Registration certificates of the company/organization/firm/NGO/institute.
At least five years’ professional experience in the field of holding workshops.
Reference to the holding seminar/workshops in the mission, vision, or activities of the entity.
Experience in working with UN agencies in the country is considered as an advantage.
Conducting at least two workshop/retreat/gatherings for national and/or international organization in relation to health issues in society.
Key staff:
It is expected that the contractor introduces one logistic staff who have the following credentials:
The logistic staff should have below qualification:
Minimum three years’ experience in the fields of administration or management.
Working knowledge in English language
The Contractor shall warrant that no official, or individual/service contract holders of UNDP or the United Nations has received or will be offered by the contractor any direct or indirect benefit arising from this contract or the award thereof. The contractor agrees that breach of this provision is a breach of an essential term of this contract.
In all above-mentioned process for holding this gathering session, CCM secretariat should be informed by the contractor before implementing. After approval by CCM secretariat it could be started.
Technical Proposal (70%)
Expertise of the Firm 50%
Methodology and Action Plan and challenges 30%
Qualification of Key Personnel 20%
Financial Proposal (30%)
Financial offer will be considered for evaluation only if the technical score of proposal obtains 70% of total technical score
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