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Submit Proposals for 2020 Visegrad Strategic Grants Program

Submit Proposals for 2020 Visegrad Strategic Grants Program

Deadline: 1-Oct-20

The International Visegrad Fund is seeking proposals for its 2020 Strategic Grants Program to support projects addressing the annual strategic priorities of the Visegrad Group.

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Strategic Priorities

Returning to the roots: Projects focusing on emphasizing cooperation of all V4 members in the Visegrad region, also in the context of the 20. anniversary of the IVF’s establishment
Small things matter: Projects focusing on cooperation at the local level aiming to enhance already established contacts as well as developing new initiatives. Also projects enhancing the IVF’s visibility at the local level
30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain – civil society matters: Projects focusing on the importance of development and cooperation of civil societies within V4 and the neighboring regions EaP and WB6.

Projects must develop meaningful cooperation and ensure the active participation of organizations from all V4 countries
The maximum duration of projects is 36 months, the minimum is 12 months
Grants cover up to 100% of project budget with 15% for overheads
Projects must clearly address one of the annual strategic priorities of the Visegrad Group.
Eligibility Criteria

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A consortium of organizations of which 3 or more are based in different Visegrad countries
All types of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs); municipalities and local governments; schools, higher education institutions; research and scientific bodies, and public institutions are eligible as a lead partner (applicant) and partners in the consortia
Market actors, e.g. companies – especially innovation and startup-related actors – with a legal entity are also eligible, but only if their Visegrad project is of nonprofit character.
Selection Criteria

Project relevance/context clarity: The Fund assesses the proposal’s compliance with the chosen objective and evaluates how much the applicant is aware of the context, how clearly they explain the issue they wish to work on during the project and whether the proposed solution is realistic and innovative.
Visegrad substance: Projects supported by the Fund must have a regional character, both in terms of partnership and content. They seek proposals that aim to combine and synthesize the expertise of the partners and offer common solutions to problems/issues relevant to all V4 countries. In terms of deliverables, they expect activities or events that can reach out to the audiences in the whole region.
Quality and Impact: The project quality is assessed in terms of the proposed outcome’s relevance as well as its potential to achieve it. The Fund also considers the project’s impact through looking at how the project links relevant actors, project outputs, and the target groups The Fund defines impact as the change of the situation within a specific group of people that your project addresses.
Transparency and Accuracy: The funding requested should be adequate for the scale of the project and be at an accurate value for the outputs to be delivered. The higher the amount requested, the higher impact is to be achieved within each target group and the more the applicant is encouraged to secure other sources of support – both financial (such as the applicant’s, partners’ or other donors’ financial contributions), or non-financial, in-kind contributions (own work, use of own premises, etc.).
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