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Small Grants Program Call 2022/2023 to Conserve Environment and improve Livelihoods of People

Small Grants Program Call 2022/2023 to Conserve Environment and improve Livelihoods of People

Deadline: 4-Nov-22

The Small Donations Program (SPP) of Argentina opens a new call for the presentation of projects by organizations that conserve and restore the environment, improving the well-being and livelihoods of people.

The Small Grants Program (SGP) is an institutional program of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) , implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and managed by UNOPS – United Nations Office for Project Services.

The PPD Argentina grants aid and donations to “Civil Society Organizations” (OSC). This definition refers to the different civil organizations that have legal status such as Associations, Cooperatives or Foundations, grassroots community organizations, native peoples, peasant groups, women, youth organizations and those focused on children.

Focus Areas
Land degradation: Sustainable agriculture and fishing, Food safety
Climate change: Co-benefits of access to low carbon energy
Biological Diversity: Community conservation of threatened ecosystems and conservation of terrestrial and aquatic species
Chemicals and their waste: Local and global coalitions for chemical and waste management
Funding Information
Grants are awarded up to a limit of US$20,000 (twenty thousand dollars) per organization.
Each organization has to provide a counterpart equivalent to the financing requested.
They want it to be a joint project with the PPD because the objective is to achieve a proportion of equality between the Organization’s commitment and the grant awarded.
The expected term of execution of the projects financed by the PPD must be between 18 and 24 months.
Where should the projects that are applied for be implemented?
The territory of application for OP7/GEF7 includes the Provinces of Formosa, Chaco; currents; Missions; Between rivers; the north of Santa Fe (departments of General Obligado, Vera, Nueve de Julio, San Javier, San Justo and San Cristóbal); the Rivadavia Department of the Province of Salta and the Province of Santiago del Estero.

Eligibility Criteria
To Access The PPD Argentina,Organizations Must Have:

Legal Status
Account of the Organization
Authorities with a Current Mandate
Registration in the AFIP
For the PPD, as well as the GEF, the gender equity approach is a necessary requirement through the promotion of initiatives that promote greater participation of women, as well as equal benefits between women and men to achieve greater human development.

That is why it is necessary for each project to contain a gender equity component with affirmative actions in favor of the female population, in order to prevent differences and inequalities from deepening.

For more information, visit https://www.ppdargentina.org.ar/convocatoria2022-2023

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