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Small Business Promotion Grant Program – United States

Small Business Promotion Grant Program – United States

Deadline: 9-Nov-20

Murray City is utilizing funding provided from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to small businesses impacted financially by COVID-19.

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The grant funds are intended to benefit sectors or industries that were mandated to close during the early part of the pandemic. Business industries which are known to have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic where economic data shows them to be lagging in their recovery are also a focus area.

Focus Industries as defined by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code noted on business license.

Food Service;
Personal Services;
Accommodations: Hotels, motels, and other related lodging;
Recreation, Entertainment & Arts;
Childcare & Preschool;
Professional Services (limited selected categories);
Laundry & Dry Cleaning;
Travel Agencies;
Animal grooming;
Cleaning, Maintenance and Carpet Cleaning;
Business advertisement may include social media and digital promotions; direct mail; coupons; advertising space in print or online; outdoor billboards or signage; flyers, door hangers, and other printed materials; logoed T-shirts, hats, or merchandise; event sponsorships; or other legitimate marketing outreach to encourage increased sales and/or brand awareness.
Funds cannot include consulting, payroll, or agency licensing or operating fees.
Funding Information

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This grant program will provide up to $5,000 in reimbursement for business advertisement to qualifying Murray businesses with the intent of dispensing a total of $700,000 in CARES Act funds to local businesses.
Economic Development

Interact with and serve customers – Provide information and assistance to all of our customers with dignity and respect and to provide this in a timely manner.
Economic Development – Promote and assist in community job creation, job retention, investment formation, prosperity enhancement, and quality of life protection and promotion.
Redevelopment – In conjunction with the Redevelopment Agency of Murray City, facilitate timely and appropriate redevelopment projects in the community.
Other services – Provide other services including research and planning, business attraction, business retention, City coordination regarding business issues, and provide demographic information for the community.

Must have a current Murray City Business License as of January 31, 2020.
Must be able to demonstrate a business interruption caused by required closures due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency totaling at least $5,000 of reduced revenue. (Evidence for this shall be submitted by the business. For example, by comparing 2019 Q2 and 2020 Q2; or January sales with April Sales, or any other comparison showing the negative financial hardship due to COVID-19).
Must be an active business (defined as having paid at least $150 in sales tax in any month in 2020).
Must be a small business (defined as having 95 or fewer full-time employees as identified by the IRS).
Must not have received or anticipate receiving any CARES Act funds from any other program that is intended to be used for the same expenses.
Must be current on city utility payments and not be in violation of zoning and code enforcement requirements.
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