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Small Business Grant Program for COVID-19 Relief (United States)

Small Business Grant Program for COVID-19 Relief (United States)

Deadline: 4-Dec-20

The City of Lewiston is implementing a small business grant program for COVID-19 relief. The program is modeled after the Idaho Rebounds – Business Grant program and uses a similar application.

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The Governor’s Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) created this grant to help local businesses and organizations including non-profits affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling cities and counties to provide aid within their communities. The funding for the program comes from the City’s CARES Act CFAC funding allocation.

Funding Information

The City of Lewiston has requested a set aside of $150,000 from current CFAC funding allocation for this grant program with grant awards up to $15,000.
Eligible expenses

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Eligible expenses for businesses and non-profits will be focused on keeping customers’ and members’ healthy and making Lewiston safer for residents and visitors. Eligible grant requests include:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);

Eligible businesses/organizations will be awarded grant funds through the Lewiston Small Business Grant. Businesses, non-profits, organizations must have a qualified business, non-profit, organizational interruption or expense caused by COVID-19 related incidents or decisions including, but not limited to, local closure orders, need for personal protective equipment, social distancing requirements, increased costs, disrupted supply network, etc.
Any expenses incurred prior to June 20, 2020, are not eligible for reimbursement through this grant program. All of the following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the grant program:
Business, non-profit, organization closed, impacted, or interrupted pursuant to a local health district or local government decision made on or after June 20, 2020;
Business, non-profit, organization not otherwise eligible for a State of Idaho small business grant (e.g., volunteer organizations, businesses created on or after January 1, 2020, etc.);
Business, non-profit, organization is eligible to apply for this program if it was eligible to apply for other State of Idaho programs and chose not to apply;
Business, non-profit, organizations that have specific PPE needs in order to operate safely;
Business, non-profit, organization has not received funds for the current purpose through other COVID-19 grant programs;
Adverse effects and expenses planned for the use of the grant must occur between June 20, 2020 and December 30, 2020;
Business, non-profit, organization does not exist for the purpose of advancing partisan political activities or the direct lobbying of federal or state officials, defined as having had a registered lobbyist at any point during 2020;
Business, non-profit, organization must be in good standing and not federally prohibited from receiving funds;
Business, non-profit, organization is not currently in bankruptcy;
Business, non-profit, organization is current with property taxes, or has a payment plan in place with County;
Business, non-profit, organization is located within City of Lewiston city limits;
Business, non-profit, organization liability insurance is in place by date of executed agreement;
Registration with IRS and Idaho Business registration with the Secretary of State;
Employs/employed 500 or fewer employees;
Valid EIN #;
Applicants will review, sign and date Conflict of Interest Form.
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