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Sir Halley Stewart Trust Grant Program (UK)

Sir Halley Stewart Trust Grant Program (UK)

Deadline: 30-Sep-22

The Sir Halley Stewart Trust is seeking applications for its Grant Program to support innovative and pioneering Social, Medical and Religious projects, to enable human flourishing and to prevent suffering.

The Trust is a grant-giving foundation established by Sir Halley Stewart in 1924. It is concerned with the development of people’s minds, bodies and spirits, and promotes a just environment and international good will through its grant-making.

The Trust is managed by a part-time Director, supported by a Grants Manager, and governed by Trustees from the Stewart family and experts in the Trust’s special areas of interest.

Types of Project
The Trust funds projects that focus on the prevention (rather than the alleviation) of human suffering. All Trust grants must fall under one or both of the following categories:

Innovative research projects: Those which explore and test new ideas, methods, approaches, interventions and/or devices.
Pioneering / ground-breaking development projects: Those which are original and represent the first of their kind and/or lay the foundations for further developments.
Funding Information
Main Grants, which are normally: Between £5,001 and £60,000 in total, although in exceptional cases grants of up to £80,000 may be considered on a case-by-case basis
Small Grants: There are a limited number of small grants available each year, which are one-off grants for projects costing up to £5,000.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must:
Apply via a UK charitable organisation.
Meet the criteria for the theme under the following:
Medical Criteria
The Trustees welcome applications directly from researchers at UK medical institutions or university departments concerned with:
Improving the quality of life of the elderly suffering from physical or psychological disorders.
The prevention of disease and disability in children.
The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical infectious and parasitic diseases.
Innovations, involving any discipline, which are likely to improve health care.
Innovations in medicine for caring for the needs of disadvantaged groups.
Social Criteria
The Trust welcomes proposals for catalysing Social initiatives in the UK that are either practical on-the-ground projects (development projects) or focussed on the practical impact of research findings (research projects), which attempt to:
Prevent and resolve conflict, promote reconciliation, encourage re-connection between family members.
Help people to ‘move beyond disadvantage’.
Help people who may be vulnerable and/or have been exploited, particularly older people.
Religious Criteria
To encourage Christian people to uphold, engage and communicate their faith in the public domain.
To encourage dialogue between Christian faith and contemporary issues in a secular society.
To encourage closer working relationships between Christian denominations; and / or to improve inter-faith relationships by facilitating a better understanding between faiths. A particular area of interest is improving dialogue and mutual understanding between Christian and Muslim faiths.
To support and encourage the innovative education and communication of Christianity within the UK and also internationally.
To encourage specific groups of people to explore their experience of spirituality and their spiritual needs and strengths, and to help others to understand these.
Be the Principle Investigator or Lead Person Responsible for the project’s delivery.
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